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What Is A QR Code And Why Do You Need One?

What Is A QR Code And Why Do You Need One? Bar codes have been used for industrial and market purpose for a long time, and become very popular since they speed up many processes and can provide a convenient and accurate solution for storing useful information, and allow users to obtain the information easily…

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Words of the Web - Good Copy Sells

Words of the Web – Good Copy Sells As we’ve often seen on the web, many sites will go to great lengths for design and aesthetic appeal, but will make sacrifices on the content by hiring someone who’s inexperienced for a low rate or by writing it themselves.  This could mean that your site will…

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Is Your Website Bringing You New Business?

Is Your Website Bringing You New Business? A website is intended to educate your prospects and get them to take action when they are ready to purchase. Your website should be bringing opportunity on a monthly basis. A website that is self-generating leads can increase the value of your business substantially. Search Engine Optimization is…

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What do your Customers react to Online?

What do your Customers react to Online? The days of flash animated intros with the “enter here” button are gone. As people have learned how to research products in search engines they don’t want to select a page and find out none of the content is relevant. Appearance is still important, however the simpler the…

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Why Video is Important to Today's Marketing Efforts?

Why Video is Important to Today’s Marketing Efforts? The most popular of the above has to be the proliferation of video as a medium on the web. During the recent writers strike in the US, it was shown that more people were watching short videos on YouTube than turning on the TV set. This makes…

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Webacom selected to redesign Chamber of Commerce Website

Webacom selected to redesign Chamber of Commerce Website Some of the features will include: Search window on each page. The site will be housed on a full database allowing visitors to find information easily via the search window saving substantial time and frustration. No Drop Menus. Many drop menus are not compatible with browsers. The…

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Webacom Press: Nanaimo Bulletin

Students get Internet savvy The site will then be managed with a content management system by the students and used as a means of sharing news, posting tasks, and educating parents. One student exclaims Andrew is most “awesomest designer in the whole world!“. Quite the title to live up to Andrew, no pressure. Webacom Press:…

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Webacom Attends F5 Expo

Webacom Attends F5 Expo Speakers included Wesley Chan (Google), Ryan Storgaard (Microsoft), Alfredo Tan (Facebook), Martin Stoddart (Bing), Vanessa Wynn-Williams (Yahoo), Brian Wong (Digg), and the keynote, Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, & What the Dog Saw). Among the many speeches from leaders in the social media arena, the trade show showcased…

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Webacom walks the Red Carpet

Webacom walks the Red Carpet 150 plus celebrities will be in attendance during the pre-Oscar party. A few confirmed celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Michael Jordan, Kristin Stewart (from Twilight), Jaimie Hilfiger (from Tommy Hilfiger), Emporio Armani, Fabio, Dennis Rodman, Christopher Atkins, Julia Roberts, her niece Emma Roberts, and several of the American Idol…

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