Webacom selected to redesign Chamber of Commerce Website

Some of the features will include:

  • Search window on each page. The site will be housed on a full database allowing visitors to find information easily via the search window saving substantial time and frustration.
  • No Drop Menus. Many drop menus are not compatible with browsers. The Chamber wanted the site really clean and easy to use. The main category pages will have separate expanded pages relevant to the given category. The use of text links will be beneficial for search engine crawlers.
  • Interactive Event Calendar. You will now be able to easily find all the events relevant to your local chamber. This will include luncheons, biz before biz, biz after biz, Chamber Expo and all other important dates. This is no ordinary calendar as it can be used for reoccurring events, multiday events, registration system, Google maps and much more.
  • Banner Advertising Plug-in.  The new system allows advertisements to rotate automatically, allows three different methods for display and ROI metrics for tracking the success of any given campaign. The most important aspect is it will allow the Chamber to potentially earn more revenues utilizing the best placement and value to advertising Chamber Members. Be on the lookout for great advertising opportunities with the Nanaimo Chamber Website.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Upwards of 85% of websites online are not optimized correctly for search engines. Once the new site is launched and optimized will allow members businesses and Chamber services to be found on a wider spectrum.
  • Social Media. Social media is an important aspect of any given businesses promotions. The new site will allow social media interaction.
  • Member Directory. Members are the life of any Chamber. The new site will easily direct potential visitors and customers direct to the searchable member directory.
  • Photo Gallery Plug-in. A user editable photo gallery module will be used to allow Chamber staff to create separate galleries for any given events. This will allow the newer style of galleries with forward/back arrows to show visitors and member’s memorable pictures in a really slick format with automatic darkening of the background.
  • Poll Creator. As with many non profit organizations it’s extremely important yet difficult to get feedback. With the new poll on the fly module a simple poll can be created and sent to the membership for feedback requiring only 1-5 seconds of their time. It automatically polls the result and displays them in a bar graph.
  • News Feed. Current news on any website is critical, the news feed will allow visitors to scan the current news easily and read what’s current.

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