Words of the Web – Good Copy Sells


Words of the Web – Good Copy Sells

As we’ve often seen on the web, many sites will go to great lengths for design and aesthetic appeal, but will make sacrifices on the content by hiring someone who’s inexperienced for a low rate or by writing it themselves.  This could mean that your site will contain poor grammar, punctuation and syntax errors, misspellings, improper formatting and worst of all, the wrong tone of voice to speak to your target audience.

People prefer being spoken to in different tones based on age, gender and even geographic region.  They appreciate clear, descriptive text without a lot of jargon or industry slang.  Do you feel like your copy has a customer centric approach?  That the language you’ve used speaks to them about the issues they care about?  If it doesn’t, they may go somewhere else to buy!

Here’s a quick test to see if your content is focused on your customers.  Go through each webpage and count the number of times you use the following words: “we”, “I”, “us”, “our”.  Now go through and count the number of times you use “you” & “your”.

If you have more “we” words than “you” words, then your site is not customer centric and you may want to consider professional copywriting services.

Contact Webacom Media Corporation for a content evaluation and start sending the right message today!

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