What do your Customers react to Online?


What do your Customers react to Online?

The days of flash animated intros with the “enter here” button are gone. As people have learned how to research products in search engines they don’t want to select a page and find out none of the content is relevant.

Appearance is still important, however the simpler the better. For websites black text on a white background is and has always been the easiest format to read. Don’t use colored backgrounds unless you absolutely have to.

How will your business be judged?

Appearance: Appearance is and always has been an issue whether it’s a storefront, office or Website. They have to be professional looking, organized and appealing and most importantly provide real information, not just an advertisement.

Most people would not want to buy products or services from a store that was unorganized, didn’t provide answers to your questions and had broken shelves. A website is exactly the same. To evoke a feeling of trust you must reflect professionalism.

Custom Design: All Webacom sites are custom built from scratch, no other company will have the same look and that adds uniqueness to your website.

Development: Beyond having a design team you also need people that are experts in search engine optimization, content writing and development. Most new websites are now dynamic and database driven so you also need programmers to create databases and maintain the web hosting.

We wish we could say it’s all easy, however it’s not and it requires full time dedication to make it right.

Promotion: A nice looking website is great, however if it’s not making you money or saving you time your ROI is not high. This is why it’s critical to be found in Search Engines.

Webacom has spent hundreds of hours learning how to get good rankings and many of our customers are receiving thousands and thousands of visitors a month and turning them into customers.

Hosting: A good hosting service with very little down time is extremely important to the success of any website. In addition a statistics program that tells you exactly what people are typing to find your site is equally important. All our hosting packages include web mail, statistics and the ability to create your own emails.

Need some help?

At Webacom we take any fear out of both technology and how to choose the right design company and make it an educational experience that will enhance your knowledge. Quotations are free and we take pride in our no pressure means of obtaining the trust of our customers.

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