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Social Media – Determining Facebook Marketing Factors

Social Media – Determining Facebook Marketing Factors So if everyone says you need your own company Facebook page, why shouldn’t you rush out to make sure you get your share of the website traffic promise land? Well, it wouldn’t really hurt to have your branding on the Facebook social network; however there are a lot…

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Maximize Business Opportunities with Google Products

Google Analytics Google’s Analytics tool is free, easy to install, and provides a wealth of knowledge about visitors to your website. The snapshot views and graphs make it easy to understand visitor behaviour. You can also export reports and set goals to measure ROI for a particular path through your website. The Google Analytics program…

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Stopping Spam Email

A Guide to Email Obfuscation There are different types of obfuscation, some more difficult to execute than others.  Javascript obfuscation methods work especially well, but require a certain amount of knowledge in creating and implementing Javascript.  We’ll focus on the simplest method which involves converting the characters in your email address to ASCII characters.  The…

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Are you Socially Active?

Are you Socially Active? Brand any of the top social media platforms for your business – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin or Social Media brand of your choice for only $299 each. Want to know more about how to maintain and maximize your Social Media exposure? Contact one of Webacom’s Social Media Specialists for a…

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Consumers: Who Wears the Pants?

Consumers: Who Wears the Pants? In this article, we’ll take a look at how Web 2.0 has changed some basic marketing definitions, and how they are implemented in today’s business strategies. There are two basic and broad subjects when it comes to a marketing strategy, termed push and pull. The definition of push marketing has…

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Intellectual Property – Who Really Owns YOUR Design Files?

Business owners need to be aware that important website and design assets for your company may not be owned by you. In most cases any given small business will want to create a logo as part of their brand. Your logo will then be used on websites, business cards, rack cards, advertising, social media and more.…

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How to Choose a Web Design Company?

The Vital Basics “About” How to Choose a Web Design Company? No Sub-contracting – Most businesses lose quality control when they out source. Make sure the chosen company performs all work in house otherwise you will face a middleman markup. Lets face it although we realize capitalism is what keeps us in business we stand…

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Social Media Marketing Seminars

Every seat was filled and about twenty five more attendees stood in this filled to capacity venue. Quite obviously people are very interested in social media.Two other panelists joined us, Nola Dunn, Marketing Director, Woodgrove Centre part of internationally based Ivanhoe Cambridge, a large shopping mall conglomerate. Woodgrove Centre was invited as Webacom recently worked…

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Corporate Identity/Reputation – Search Engines

Corporate Identity/Reputation – Search Engines Check yourself using your own name and business and see the results for Corporate Identity/Reputation in Search Engines. If you are a corporation you should have a Blog to allow people to tell you what they really think about your company. When you look at what was required years ago…

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