Webacom walks the Red Carpet

Webacom walks the Red Carpet

150 plus celebrities will be in attendance during the pre-Oscar party. A few confirmed celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Michael Jordan, Kristin Stewart (from Twilight), Jaimie Hilfiger (from Tommy Hilfiger), Emporio Armani, Fabio, Dennis Rodman, Christopher Atkins, Julia Roberts, her niece Emma Roberts, and several of the American Idol Cast.

Other “A” list celebrities on the guest list include Sylvester Stallone, Russel Crow, George Lucas, Justin Timberlake, Jim Carey, Madonna, Paul Mc Cartney, Michael Douglas, Burt Reynolds, Alice Cooper, Jay Leno, Penolope Cruz, and Jennifer-Joanna Aniston.

Webacom, as part of Dr. Chugay’s marketing campaign, is in the process of planning the Dr.’s contribution to this event, including designing the booth and marketing materials as well as ensuring to maximize his exposure.

Although this is a huge opportunity to be star struck, Webacom has to abide by celebrity etiquette and remain focused on their task to sell cosmetic surgery, not screaming for autographs.

Thereafter, Webacom will switch to a producer role and proceed to film Dr. Chugay including a live surgery to be used as marketing buzz on Dr. Chugay’s own YouTube channel.  This will lead to an influx of online exposure and sales.

Webacom along with Dr. Chugay will be sure to maximize their exposure at the event and work some magic with the stars.

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