Is Your Website Bringing You New Business?


Is Your Website Bringing You New Business?

A website is intended to educate your prospects and get them to take action when they are ready to purchase.

Your website should be bringing opportunity on a monthly basis. A website that is self-generating leads can increase the value of your business substantially.

Search Engine Optimization is More Than Traffic

It’s one thing to increase your traffic, that is great, however if it’s not closing sales it’s very likely your content.

Webacom’s approach to SEO website promotion is different than most Search Engine Optimization Companies. We analyze your content first before we optimize your website. Lets face it, the purpose of site optimization is bringing you new business – not just traffic.

Strategic Internet Marketing Services

Our experienced strategic internet marketing services SEO team can develop and implement a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan that will quickly drive qualified traffic to your website to increase both your internet presence and conversion rate (sales).

Our web site promotions involve the latest techniques in organic search engine optimization. With thousands if not millions of competing web sites, the promotions aspect of your website is rapidly becoming more important than the design. If you’re not making money and getting the web site sales you need, you need our SEO Internet marketing team working for you. Years of experience in website SEM promotion and Internet marketing of websites in BC, Canada, Japan and the U.S.

Millions of web sites are not being found, don’t let yours become one of them. Most likely the web development company you originally dealt with performs graphic design and just the most basic of SEO programming only. A pretty site is nice, but we take it a step further and make sure your pages are search engine friendly and engineered to bring in the most relevant increased website traffic possible.

A website without an effective Internet web site promotion strategy brings in very little business. For a free Internet marketing evaluation and quote, please contact our Internet marketing department.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our strategic Internet marketing services designed to get as many qualified customers to your site as quickly as possible. Based in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada our experienced SEO team also serves clients in the United States and around the World.

Search Engine Optimization Overview

Any given web site is part of a huge database that allows search engines to find keywords relevant to your product or service. Originally, the key to a successful web site was to develop your pages with content (text) that mirrors the keywords that you wish to be found with. Once the correct keywords and phrases are found the site is then optimized. Although that still applies today, Internet Marketing and search engine optimization has become increasingly complex and the search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, making it difficult to impossible for the average website designer to keep up with the most critical SEO techniques needed. That’s why we have an experienced and dedicated strategic Internet marketing services department that do nothing but Internet web site promotions and search engine optimization.

Step-by-Step Example

We learn about your business and check competitors web sites, to analyze their rankings and SEO, while searching for keywords relevant to your business. We then use a database that tells us exactly what people are typing, how often and the derivatives of the keywords. The database gives us information on a monthly basis and is based on top search engines. It was recently discovered by leading web metric companies that 80% of all search volume was generated by less than 10% of internet users, what we would call ‘power users’.

This means it’s no longer enough to simply pick the SEO keyword terms with the most search volume, so we perform thorough research across a variety of informational resources to determine patterns of search behaviour and apply the terms most likely to capture prequalified traffic to your site.

Note: For competitive reasons this list does not include all optimization methods.Internet Website Promotion Made Easy.

Take The Next Step

Complete our Free Quotation Form for a no obligation quotation and take your web site to the next stage, making money! Or simply call Toll Free: 1-866-376-4240 for more information.

For those that choose an ongoing Internet marketing strategy, we will create a custom monthly SEO plan that includes extensive analysis of statistics programs that constantly monitoring the progress of your SEM web site traffic. Utilizing the information from these statistics we can apply effective link and content building strategies to bring you to the top of the search engines.

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