Webacom Attends F5 Expo


Webacom Attends F5 Expo

Speakers included Wesley Chan (Google), Ryan Storgaard (Microsoft), Alfredo Tan (Facebook), Martin Stoddart (Bing), Vanessa Wynn-Williams (Yahoo), Brian Wong (Digg), and the keynote, Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, & What the Dog Saw).

Among the many speeches from leaders in the social media arena, the trade show showcased many up and coming products and services from cloud computing to advertising in 3D worlds.

Jay and Jason were able to speak with many of the representatives and continue to enhance their technological knowledge. It was reassuring to see the top players in the mobile application market along with the iPad.

Overall, the expo was very interesting. Webacom continues to attend all relevant trade shows to ensure they offer only the best marketing services resulting in the best return on investment for their customers.

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