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Grants Available for British Columbia Based Business Owners

Adding E-Commerce to a WordPress Website2020 was a year no one will forget, Covid-19 took over our world very quickly and left a devastating wake of chaos. There were however some nuggets of positivity that helped business grow, that was e-commerce.Some retail companies may be intimidated due to competing with giants like Amazon. If you…

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Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 – ©Webacom Media CorporationClick here to download our Full Report in PDF format. Happy New Year, we wish you a happy and successful 2020! This year is still very similar to our suggestions for 2019, the world is still “having a conversation” online and that is growing even stronger today.We run…

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Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Digital Marketing Trends 2019 – ©Webacom Media Corporation This report is a summary of a recent seminar we attended in Las Vegas called “UnGagged”. The idea behind the name is top global experts share current digital marketing trends that typically don’t get spoken about, like a secret. We have summarized each subject, sharing the most…

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Artificial Intelligence Google Home Mini and How It Affects your Business

Artificial Intelligence, Google Home Mini and How It Affects your Business Technology is moving faster than we ever imagined, each new year brings us more and more choices in how we control our homes, businesses and more. Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies leading growth. As a result, the Google Home Mini has surpassed…

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Vancouver Island University MBA Games 2017

My Day as a Celebrity Judge! What a great way to start the New Year as a Case Judge for the Marketing Case Competition for the Vancouver Island University MBA Games 2017.

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Social Media Marketing Is A New Reality for Small to Medium Businesses

Social Media Marketing   Is it really the New Reality for Small to Medium Businesses? If you’re a business owner, marketing manager, sales person or anyone that assists in business growth, you know that social media marketing choices and tasks are now so overwhelming it’s difficult to make the right decisions. As business owners, we…

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Free Website Consultation

Is your Marketing, Social Media and Website actually bringing you new business? The entire purpose of spending those precious, valuable marketing dollars is to generate more money. While spending money on a seemingly intangible product or service is not a pleasant prospect, we all understand that to make money, first you have to spend money.…

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Creating a Business Name

Small Business Startup – Business Name Ideas, Tips on Domains and More Congratulations on your decision to start your own business. Whether you want to develop a startup or an independent business we wanted to share important information BEFORE you register your company name. We’ve seen a lot challenges with small business owners that have…

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DIY (Do it yourself) Websites for Small Business

Hello, my name is Jay Somerville, I’m an expert Web, Marketing and Social Media consultant with 20 years of experience. Today I’m writing about one of the fastest growing segments in web technology and that is DIY websites for small business. Please read the rest of this article and at the end decide if you’re…

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