Want to know more about us eh? We don’t like to brag and we’re not big on showboating, deliberately. We’ve always believed our clients, not us, are the most important. However, this page is all about us, so on this page and on this page only, we bare it all.

Webacom was among the first digital marketing agencies on Vancouver Island.

We're a family-run agency specializing in online experiences for companies of all sizes. Some call us gurus, but we like to think of ourselves more as trailblazers as we consistently stay on top of the latest trends and standards.

We believe this methodology builds great working relationships with our clients that lead to incredible results. When we say we go the extra mile for your project, we mean it. Perfection is a goal we strive for every single time.

We're a collective of designers, developers, and marketers who share a passion for collaboration and the elevation of ideas. We listen, question, push boundaries. We seek out new possibilities to bring the best creative solution to any project that crosses our path, regardless of scope. 

We tell it like it is and we’re transparent with our clients. We’ll never oversell you on things you don’t need.

Unfortunately, there are agencies out there who will try to sell overpriced custom websites to small mom and pop start-up shops depriving them of their hard-earned budget. They’ll tell you about how they never sell pre-designed websites because, blah, blah, who cares what they say.

We always put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Would we want to pay tens of thousands on top of all our other start-up costs? No, no we wouldn’t so why not start out with a pre-designed website that will save you thousands and achieve similar results, if not better?

We sell pre-designed websites, and we’re proud of it, because we know it helps our clients who are just starting out. 

We like to leave room in your budget for other critical services like search engine rankings, online advertising, social media and all the other super important stuff needed when starting a new business.

For bigger brands and companies that are already established, don’t worry, we sell custom sites too. We have some of the best creative talents in the business for all your custom needs. Beauty and brains. 

How it all Began


Way back in 1995 when our agency was founded, things were a lot different including our name. We were called Advanced Advertising and we focussed primarily on building HTML websites.


In 2000, Jay Somerville, with a past in marketing and technology, acquired the company and changed the name to Webacom to better reflect what the agency did, “web and communications”.


In 2003, Jay joined forces with his son Jason to manage operations. As the agency grew, new marketing services were offered including branding, print, content marketing, SEO, social media, and mobile marketing. To truly help our clients, we needed to offer all levels of digital marketing and advertising.


In 2011, Jason expanded our service area to Vancouver. Multiple locations on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland has assisted greatly in attracting top brands from around the world.


Today, our core business remains the same, serving clients of all sizes and helping businesses succeed online with the latest digital marketing strategies available.

Providing Excellence

With over 100 years of combined experience, our incredible knowledge base is what has kept us growing year after year.

Ask us anything and we’ll have an answer. We can help a start-up launch a new product and we can help a fortune 500 launch a national campaign. We can do it all because we’ve done it all.

We have thousands of clients from around the world.

We've developed millions of dollars worth of websites over the past two decades. We’ve helped small businesses like alpaca famers in British Columbia, churches in Ireland, and deforestation protestors in Australia. We’ve helped big businesses like Subway, Boston Pizza, JYSK, TELUS, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Remax, and Royal Le Page. Our client list is endless.

We've got the cred to back it up too



Perfect Record

Social Media
5-star Reviews

Our team is comprised of determined dreamers who are smart and passionate, always seeking out the full potential in every aspect of their lives. We're here to build your business using the same methods and strategies we've used to build our own business. We were able attract clients across so many countries using the exact same strategies that we offer to our clients.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of wannabe agencies pop up over the years but don’t be fooled by a cheap price. We’ve seen these inexperienced “agencies” devastate new businesses that would have otherwise had success. Take our word for it and steer clear if they cannot provide you with at least 50 successful projects and a list of references you can actually speak to.

We trade 'good enough' for 'above and beyond.' If we can't be excellent at it, we won't do it. Our team has spent decades refining our process through learning, adapting, and evolving. As a result, we've weeded out the guesswork to ensure our strategies are in line with our client’s goals and building their success time and time again.

Above all, we’re committed to our clients, inspired by their success, excited by change, and fuelled by a passion for collaboration and bold innovation. We celebrate imperfections, banish taboos, and always strive to be real and relatable — walking the walk in all that we do.

We are Webacom

Our Leadership & Our Family

We're not your typical father and son team. We're world-class marketing professionals and passionate entrepreneurs, fiercely dedicated to your success. 

We’re unconventional and open, we’re obsessed with creating experiences that will change lives forever.

Our Team and Our Talent

A few of us may share the last name Somerville, but we treat everyone on our team like family. Not in a cliché way, like we seriously act like family, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we have stories, oh the stories. This one time during a whale watching expedition, our charter captain (also a client) stood on top of the boat’s roof and started chanting. Within minutes our boat was surrounded by Orcas. No joke, it was incredible!

Superior service depends on the high morale of our staff. By making work a happy experience, many of us have been with Webacom for over a decade. We've developed a truly multitalented, multinational team to offer more insight in a growing international market. Their thoughts, ideas, and opinions are always welcomed and valued.

Seriously, these guys and gals are amazing. Each and every one of them are veterans in the industry.

Jay Somerville
Founder, Senior Analyst

Jay’s been at the helm since 2000. He’s a loving husband and father of three children. He’s a marketing guru, internationally recognized speaker, and founder of Webacom. He’s been in the technology industry since 1980 including security, computers, marketing, and advertising.

Jason Somerville
CEO, Digital Strategist

Jason joined the team in 2003. He has a wonderful wife, two kids and he’s also co-founder of Webacom. He mostly manages the operations side of the company and helps bridge the communication gap with clients, monitor deadlines, and solve any mysterious elements of a project.

Lorie Collins
VP, Office Manager

Lorie joined our team in 2007. She’s a mother to two gorgeous girls and dubbed “the happy girl” by her co-workers. She loves to inspire a cheerful attitude in those around her. She may have started as a receptionist, but she’s evolved during her tenure and is now affectionately known to our clients and staff as “the go-to gal”.

Alex Kulikov
Senior Designer

Alex joined our team in 2015. He’s an incredible designer and developer hailing from Ukraine. This guy kicks some serious ass when it comes to digital design, print design, UI/UX, CSS, WordPress, etc., etc. He likes minimal and modern things which is reflected in his work. The web industry is ever growing and changing and he’s proud to be a part of it. Away from the keyboard, he creates music, plays the guitar, sings and exercises.

Kandace Knuston
Senior Developer

Kandace joined our team in 2007. She’s happily married to her husband and the proud mother of two daughters. She’s also a web designer & developer. She’s been an artist for over twenty years and her portfolio reaches into database programming, app development, and animation. She even ran her own agency in Parksville prior to joining forces with Webacom. Her talent is endless.

Sidra Rizwan
Graphic Designer

Sidra joined our team in 2012. She’s a graphic designer and works from her studio in Toronto. She can effectively translate your ideas into a powerful and targeted message. She has always loved drawing and painting, so it was inevitable for her to work in the design field. After obtaining her degree in art and design, she started her career as a Graphic Designer. She loves her job. Even when things get crazy. Behind the mask, she’s a proud Wife of her lovely Husband who has always supported her, her passion and her love for design.

Kathy Somerville

She’s happily married to her husband Jay, Webacom’s founder. She’s been standing by his side ever since. She’s also the bookkeeper and the one who keeps a tight ship. In addition to looking after her home and wonderful children, she loves to play with her sweet granddaughters, Brooklyn and Arianna.

Chelsie Somerville
Receptionist, Marketing Guru in Training

Chelsie is the newest of our family recruits who joined our team in 2019. She has a passion for the industry and is avidly learning the ropes. She assists with office management, project management, and website management.

The reason behind our work is to empower our clients to build successful businesses so they can live out their own personal dreams. We’re here to create your success story.

Our Clients & Our Friends

Being in business for over two decades means we've helped a lot of people. Here's a selection of some of our clients we've helped over the past two decades, impressive right? Don’t worry, you can be on the list too.

Our Clients & Our Friends

Being in business for over two decades means we've helped a lot of people. Here's a selection of some of our clients we've helped over the past two decades, impressive right? Don’t worry, you can be on the list too.

  • CarFisher
  • Dwelling List
  • Hiz-N-Herz
  • Investors Aid Co-op
  • Nanaimo Airport
  • Seair Seaplanes
  • Arpus Automotive
  • A Safe Alternative Driving Service
  • Allen Insurance
  • First Choice Auto Clinic
  • Gregs RV
  • HB Yacht Delivery
  • Island Muffler & Brake
  • North 49 Yacht Sales
  • City of Duncan
  • District of Kitimat
  • Ladysmith Chamber
  • Nanaimo Chamber
  • Port of Nanaimo
  • Answer Plus
  • Communication Connection
  • Diamond Communications
  • Kliptel Communications
  • Aspirations Life Coaches
  • Bold Girl Dance
  • Brazilian Soccer Academy
  • Island Catholic Schools
  • Queen Margaret's School
  • Coastal Hydropower
  • Collicutt Energy Services
  • Arrowsmith Mortgage
  • Dominion Lending Centres
  • Envision Financial
  • Essex & Kent Mortgages
  • GeoSpark Consulting
  • Ideal Accounting
  • Irvine Financial
  • Mid Island Mortgage
  • Aioli Restaurant
  • Art of Brewing
  • Boston Pizza
  • Broken Oar Distilling
  • China Wok
  • Coastal Water Store
  • Dinghy Dock Pub
  • Emperor Specialty Foods
  • Fast Eddies
  • Just Fries
  • Karma Coffee
  • Lefty’s Restaurants
  • Little Italy Pizza
  • Pirate Chips
  • RBS Seafoods
  • St. Jean’s Cannery
  • The Shady Waterfront
  • Wellington Foundry
  • Windward Pub
  • ReclaimIT
  • ICS Wear Group
  • Petro Canada
  • Fitness Edge
  • Lifestyle Health & Fitness
  • AccuLaser+
  • Adora Medical
  • Affinity Cosmetic
  • Aluna Spa
  • COR Mineral Make-up
  • Crystal Laser
  • Equilibrium Massage
  • Estrella Aesthetics
  • Galderma
  • Gravity Med Spa
  • Healing Waters Spa
  • Imagine Laser
  • Integrity Surgical Centre
  • Longevity Medical
  • Adapt Construction Inc.
  • Amanda Forrest Design
  • Armellas Style In Design
  • Arrowsmith Building
  • Avril Homes
  • B Cubed Construction
  • Bamco Homes
  • Bayshore Construction
  • Brad Harley Construction
  • Carel Properties
  • Centennial Homes
  • CHBA
  • Colwood Homes
  • Dombrowski Construction
  • Doug Rathy
  • Dueck General Contracting
  • Eco Green Interiors
  • Gallant Homes
  • Galloway Construction
  • GLS Contracting
  • GNB Builders
  • Harvest Homes
  • Heartlands Building
  • Hemsworth Construction
  • Homes by Kimberly
  • Jasmine Construction
  • JBD Design Group
  • Norse Log Homes
  • North American Log Crafters
  • Orion Homes
  • Superb Construction
  • A-1 Septic
  • Aftec LLC
  • Alpine Screens
  • Anything Junk
  • Aquafun Family Pools
  • Arbutus Fire Protection
  • Armor Decking
  • Bensen Appraisals
  • Chatwin Engineering
  • Coastal Installations
  • Crystal Pacific Glass
  • Dan's Carpet
  • Distinctive Windows
  • Eclipse Screens
  • First Class Pest Control
  • Floors 4 Less
  • G&R Insulating
  • Georgia Strait Kitchens
  • Haarsma Waste Innovations
  • Island Pest Control
  • Jaco Powerlines
  • Mayco Mix
  • Relkie Art Glass
  • V.I. Equipment
  • Ambiance B&B
  • Ambrosia House B&B
  • Bella Coola Valley Inn
  • Casa Del Dream B&B
  • Castaway Motel
  • Days Inn
  • Flying Cloud B&B
  • Fuller Lake Motel
  • Glen Lyon Inn
  • Harbourside Motel
  • Howard Johnson
  • Inn on Long Lake
  • Kingfisher Spa
  • DMA Computer Services
  • Dyrand Systems
  • Aim Consulting
  • Beyer Brown
  • Brenda Kay Brown Fine Art
  • Davison Law Group
  • Gervais & Associates
  • Heath Law
  • Morales Racette
  • Canadian Ironworks
  • I.M.W.
  • Ironside Design Manufacturing
  • MacKay Precast
  • Bud Barn Society
  • Caledonian Clinic
  • Carson Denture Clinic
  • Denture by Design
  • Departure Bay Dental
  • Downtown Dental Group
  • Dr. Saunders
  • Dr. Chen
  • Dr. Chugay
  • Dr. Tatra
  • Dr. Hancock
  • Dr. Mahara
  • Dr. Giunta
  • Dr. Wilke
  • Dr. Youabian
  • Hardisty Care Centre
  • Harewood Dental Clinic
  • Concept Music
  • Littlehead
  • Me & Mae
  • Nanaimo Daily News
  • Nanaimo Magazine
  • Choices Adoption
  • Clay Tree Society
  • Family by Choice
  • Whitecrow Village
  • Park Place Seniors Living
  • Retirement Concepts
  • Coastal Animal Services
  • Eco Munchies Pet Food
  • EyeMean Graphics
  • Angel Studios
  • Anna Jorgensen
  • Coast Realty
  • Dave Knapp
  • Debbie Simmonds
  • Elya Byrne
  • Gord Wall
  • Hans Henrikson
  • Helena Bowen
  • Royal LePage
  • Remax
  • MacDonald Realty
  • Sutton Group
  • Sisters of Nazareth
  • Alda’s Art Studio
  • Aviso Yacht Sales
  • Aztec Appliances
  • Backcountry Snowmobiles
  • Bastion Trophies
  • Boss Machinery
  • Bracewell Boatworks
  • Budget Glass
  • Buzzbomb Tackle
  • Calais Spa & Billiards
  • Celebration Florist
  • Comox Valley Floor
  • Crane & Rig
  • Crane Force Sales
  • Devlin Electric Signs
  • EcoMaiden
  • Ernest & Lee Gifts
  • Eurodown Quilts
  • FSJ Self Storage
  • Fuel
  • G R Pro Clean
  • Green Mountain Hammocks
  • InCharacter Costumes
  • JYSK Canada
  • Mailboxes Etc.
  • Maximum Impact
  • Maycock Optical
  • Mazzei Electric
  • Northfield Janitorial
  • Sea Soil
  • Simatech
  • Turley's Florist
  • Ivanhoe Cambridge
  • Mayfair Centre
  • Oakridge Centre
  • Woodgrove Centre
  • Bastion Security
  • Benchmark Security
  • Orca Security
  • Forever Yung Dance Studio
  • Nanaimo Dive Outfitters
  • Nanaimo Timberman
  • VI Raiders
  • Adventuress
  • Alberni Valley Drag Racing Association
  • Arcement Boat Rental
  • Ark Resort
  • Bear Cove Cottages
  • Birds Eye Cove Farm
  • Butterfly World
  • Cape Scott Water Taxi
  • Chad's Coastwide Sports Fishing
  • Chemainus Tours
  • Cod Father Charters
  • Duffin Cove Resort
  • Eagle Manor Resort
  • Evergreen Exhibitions
  • Haida Gwaii Discovery
  • Haida Gwaii Trader
  • Paradise Fun Park
  • Maritime Museum
  • Seaside Adventures
  • Tourism Vancouver Island
  • A Coat of Many Colours
  • Acorn Home Services
  • Bastion Electric
  • Coastline Electrical
  • Denmar Electric
  • Doumont Welding
  • Elite Island Roofing
  • Harbour City Drywall
  • Norms Mobile
  • Westcore Services
  • Acadien Marine Inc.
  • Global Pack N Ship Plus
  • Ace Line Hauler

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