Webacom is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Seair Seaplanes in the capacity of new media marketing and consulting.

Seair Seaplanes History

Online Media Marketing

Seair Seaplanes and Webacom Media Corporation form Alliance – Vancouver – Nanaimo – Vancouver Island, BC

Incorporated in 1980, Seair Seaplanes began a business associated with aircraft chartering, maintenance and servicing.

With a successful charter operation already established at Vancouver International Airport, Seair launched a scheduled service to the Gulf Islands providing customers with 8 flights daily and service to Nanaimo with up to 12 flights per day.

On May 25/2011 Seair began daily scheduled service between Nanaimo and the new Vancouver Harbour Flight Center in Downtown Vancouver, with up to 12 flights per day.

Traditional Marketing to New Media

Seair Seaplanes President Peter Clarke built his successful seaplane business using traditional advertising through word of mouth, networking and print advertising.

When websites and online marketing started to gain popularity Peter realized he needed to be proactive and as a result had a custom website built and one of the first online seaplane reservation systems so customers could easily book his seaplane flights online.

He proudly states, “I wanted cutting edge technology for my customers.”

Now in the second phase Seair Seaplanes just launched a new website utilizing all the newest coding from a custom website, custom seaplane reservation system to mobile formatting.

Be sure to view the website here, www.seairseaplanes.com

Blending Traditional Marketing with New Media

Some would say traditional advertising is dead, however utilizing various media is always best in combination with new media.

As part of Webacom’s responsibility all print, radio and TV campaigns will be tracked through landing pages, QR codes and a number of creative’s.

In addition Seair Seaplanes will be communicating with customers through Social Media platforms such as Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Blogs.

Watch for announcements coming up for the Face Book campaign contest!

Relationship Building and Networking – Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce

Both Seair Seaplanes and Webacom are active members of the Chamber of Commerce.

As an example of how powerful this traditional yet still very strong marketing tool is both companies met through the Nanaimo Chamber.

It all started with Barbara McDougall (Former Marketing Manager – Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce) as she wanted to build a committee to get input from fellow Chamber members as to how to attract more members.

She pretty well hand selected what she called a power group that could help achieve some of the Chambers objectives.

That started with Devon Marrello (Formally Marketing Manager for Den Mar Electric), Brian Potentier (Manager of Seair Seaplanes Nanaimo) and Jay Somerville (CEO of Webacom).

The group got along really well and was responsible for setting up Business Speed Networking and a number of other initiatives.

It was the relationships formed that led to the alliance with Seair Seaplanes and Webacom working together. Thank you Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce!

Webacom Opens in Vancouver – Utilizes Seair Seaplanes to Expand Business

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island offers an incredible lifestyle and business opportunities. Part of Webacom’s business planning has always been to expand into Vancouver.

With Seair Seaplanes offering flights from Nanaimo to Vancouver in only fifteen minutes was crucial in the timing of the expansion.

As a result of the new formed alliance Webacom will be using Seair Seaplanes for business trips to Vancouver as the new Webacom Vancouver branch grows.

Jason Somerville, VP of Webacom heads up the Vancouver location.

The strategy needed to include corporate environmental responsibility and as such using Seair Seaplanes in combination with public transit and sky train will allow business trips with minimum carbon footprints.

Thank you Seair Seaplanes for the opportunity to work together and grow our businesses together!

Sincerely, Jay Somerville, CEO, Webacom Media Corporation

Information about Seair Seaplanes and Webacom Media Corporation can be found on their websites as listed below