Artificial Intelligence Google Home Mini and How It Affects your Business

Artificial Intelligence, Google Home Mini and How It Affects your Business

Technology is moving faster than we ever imagined, each new year brings us more and more choices in how we control our homes, businesses and more.

Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies leading growth. As a result, the Google Home Mini has surpassed popularity to the point it’s selling so fast, distributors can’t keep up. In our case we went to three stores to buy one with all but the last one that had only one unit left.

Why is Google Home Mini So Popular?

Consumers are now getting more comfortable using voice control on their phones and speaker based gadgets like Google Home or Amazon Echo. It allows a variety of functions from playing song lists, calendars, recipe lists, alarms, Google search, streaming movies and Netflix, home automation and more.

For those that have young children and/or grand children they use voice search extensively for everything from You Tube, games and kid related activities. This is clearly the future when you see these kids typically in the 6+ ages that use them each and every day.

Google My Business (Maps) and How It Affects your Business

Google Home Mini uses voice activated commands for finding local based products and services and allows you to call them direct from Google Mini.

They may ask for “most popular steak restaurants”, plumbers, electricians, even marketing and web companies like Webacom.

The most crucial part is it ties direct into Google My Business (Maps) and there are only three top listings that get mentioned. This is very restrictive, however for now that is how it works.

We tested extensively using one of our customers and ourselves and when you view on desktop in Google Maps it mirrors our conclusion.

There are many aspects in set up in Maps that needs to be done correctly to ensure your business is one of the top three. That includes hours of operation, verifications, images, reviews, popularity in search and back links.

We created a short video below to demonstrate how it works. If you have any questions or need support on your Google My Business page, please feel free to contact us.


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