Social Media Marketing


Is it really the New Reality for Small to Medium Businesses?

If you’re a business owner, marketing manager, sales person or anyone that assists in business growth, you know that social media marketing choices and tasks are now so overwhelming it’s difficult to make the right decisions.

As business owners, we all have several hats to wear and just like with your own business, it takes time to learn and become an expert in any given field. Have you heard of the 10,000-hour rule? If so, you’ll understand what I mean. It takes 10,000 hours to be a real expert in anything from being a musician, marketer, home builder, author, lawyer, doctor or anything else that is worth doing. Even hobbies!

This is where a smart business understands that working with experts saves you substantial time and increases profit margins by allowing you to work on your business, not in it.

Did You Know?: There are approximately 125 million worldwide businesses and about 50 million have a claimed Facebook vanity page (Business page).

Yet, the mass majority of SMB’s (small to medium business) know very little about how to use social media properly aside from a basic post. Many treat it like a personal page posting recipes and subjects that are not relevant and your average business is spending upwards of 300 hours a year relentlessly posting trivial information on Facebook and Twitter with very little return.

While Facebook is an irrefutably useful tool in today’s technological age, it is important that you EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST.

Time is money yet so many don’t appreciate how much staff allocated time is really costing you if you don’t understand the science behind a successful formula.

Employee/er (Wages) + Hours Invested [Learning curve/research/practical application] = (?? Return on Investment (R.O.I.))

Success is about more than just survival of the fittest or how good you are.  Public perception and looking like you know what you’re doing is equally critical. If your company is not adapting to technology, refuses to keep up to date with important trends, or does not hire true professionals – whether in the office answering the phone or when properly utilizing Facebook or Twitter, it is very likely the publicly perceived value of your company and products or services will eventually dwindle, affecting your bottom line, retirement plans and overall value of your company.

Do you have to be on Facebook?

No, absolutely not!  Your friends, customers and prospects are, but you don’t have to be on Facebook if you really object to it.

Did You Know? As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users.

Even Webacom, a marketing agency who analyzes trends on a regular basis, was admittedly slow to trust in social media, initially dismissing it as a time consuming fad that provided no return on investment; however, social media has proven it is here to stay! Now, with experience, thousands of hours invested in researching, practical application and becoming experts in social media marketing we have gained an appreciation for the benefits – and there are plenty. So the next question becomes, how do you effectively use social media?

Cost Effective Facebook Advertising

We regularly run paid ad campaigns on both Google PPC (pay per click) and Facebook. Google is by far the more complex as it has a broader scope of services available, however both Google and Facebook are equally effective when used properly. Facebook is a terrific way to start a paid advertising campaign for a small geographically targeted [geotarget] area; a small budget like $250.00 can get you started with an effective return on your investment. You set the budget, scope of your demographics and then run the campaign for about two weeks (initially).

Typical results are often between 5000-8000 Brand Impressions (people that see your ad) and about a 200 click-through ratio (people that click the ad) to your website. This is a very good value in comparison to other social media marketing solutions and is a great way to promote your service or product, both locally and nationally. Please note the larger the area covered the higher the cost.

So Social Media is Somewhat Complicated. Now What?

First, realize social media is as important as having a website. It compliments and supports your online presence. It also allows you to interact with your customers in real time, post educational articles, sell products and promote your business with more ease than ever before. With that said, your potential clients expect more than ever before now too.

Your social media channels – and those you hire to manage them – should be treated as the Voice of Your Company. Because they are. What your social media channels say… tell your clients who you are, so pick your experts with care!

Did You Know?: Facebook has recently released an official FaceBook Social Media Expert Certification Course with over 75 courses!

Webacom regularly takes courses to improve our level of expertise and knowledge; even now we are adding to our practical skills by working towards becoming one of the first officially Facebook Certified Social Media Marketing Experts in our local area!

Let us save you time and money. We will work with you to develop a Social Media Marketing Plan where we can:

  • Do it for you,

  • Work with you,

  • Teach you to do it.

It all starts with one free no obligation meeting to discuss your business type, demographics and your goals. Interested in learning more?

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