Is your Marketing, Social Media and Website actually bringing you new business?

The entire purpose of spending those precious, valuable marketing dollars is to generate more money. While spending money on a seemingly intangible product or service is not a pleasant prospect, we all understand that to make money, first you have to spend money. The hardest part is knowing if you’re investing your money in the right places, at the right times and on the right material.

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Radio Ads, Tv Commercials, Newspaper ads, Yellow pages, Oh My!

Anyone and everyone that has a business knows that you need to advertise your business but the challenge then becomes – what is the most effective Media to invest your money?

  • Do yellow page ads still work?

  • Is it still a good idea to invest in newspaper ads?

  • What about Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn?

  • Do you REALLY need a website?

  • Is your current website effective?

  • Can your website be viewed correctly on mobile and tablet displays?

Just thinking about the various places where to wisely spend your marketing budget, determining if it’s a good idea or not and how much to spend in each place can give you a headache.

We know; we’ve been there too!

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