Webacom Lands in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

With offices located in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Irvine, Dr. Chugay is able to attract the stars.

Dr. Chugay has been featured on many TV interviews and reports and has become a media celebrity himself.  Innovations like the “Chugay Tongue Patch” for weight loss began as an effort to share a new medical technique with the general public that quickly turned into a whirlwind in media attention.  Just in the last year, Dr. Chugay has appeared on NBC, CBS, UPN, FOX-11, BBC, KTLA, and “To Tell The Truth”.

Other appearances included over 20 newscasts all over the world, including major networks in England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Japan.  Dr. Chugay appeared and was mentioned on: Entertainment Weekly, Extra, Access Hollywood, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Tyra Show with Tyra Banks in New York City.

Although Dr. Chugay is world renowned, he has struggled with his marketing efforts and has chosen Webacom to take his practice to the next level.  Webacom intends on giving Dr. Chugay a face lift of his own but in regards to marketing and advertising.  Webacom will be re-creating the brand, the online presence, introducing online video, search engine rankings, and a full advertising campaign to aid in Dr. Chugay’s efforts to achieve his greatest goal.  His greatest goal is to pass along his practice to his son Dr. Paul Chugay who will continue in the Chugay legacy.

Jay Somerville and Jason Somerville, while in Beverly Hills, made a bit of time for fun and took the opportunity to explore Los Angeles.  They rode the Simpsons ride among many others at Universal Studios, attended the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, ate dinner on Venice Beach, shopped at the prestigious stores along Rodeo Drive (ok window shopped), and even sighted Bruce Willis at his world premiere of The Surrogates, while strolling down Hollywood Blvd.

Webacom and Dr. Chugay look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship while working together to help another of Webacom’s clients succeed.

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For more on Dr. Chugay please view his existing website, www.drchugay.com (new site is in development and will be launched soon; be sure to check back in the coming weeks for updates).

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