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If you are a corporation you should have a Blog to allow people to tell you what they really think about your company. When you look at what was required years ago like hiring a marketing company to call your clients and get feedback was often time consuming and costly. You are able to get feedback quickly and efficiently.

Many corporations are concerned with public access to comment on any given company due to negative comments. If you use the Blog correctly though you can respond to any comments showing you are proactive about dealing with a complaint. This can actually help your company.

You can use your Blog to get ideas as well, perhaps new products or services. Either way a Blog can be crucial to your reputation.

Some corporations need help with negative feedback and search rankings showing less than flatering subjects about your company. New services are available to help you keep your reputation untarnished.

We have only covered a few subjects concerning this very important subject and we ask if you would like to see services offered to protect your business and/or a seminar to educate you about what you can do.

Looking forward to your comments, Jay Somerville