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Webacom selected to redesign Chamber of Commerce Website

Webacom selected to redesign Chamber of Commerce Website Some of the features will include: Search window on each page. The site will be housed on a full database allowing visitors to find information easily via the search window saving substantial time and frustration. No Drop Menus. Many drop menus are not compatible with browsers. The

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Webacom Press: Nanaimo Bulletin

Students get Internet savvy The site will then be managed with a content management system by the students and used as a means of sharing news, posting tasks, and educating parents. One student exclaims Andrew is most “awesomest designer in the whole world!“. Quite the title to live up to Andrew, no pressure. Webacom Press:

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Webacom Attends F5 Expo

Webacom Attends F5 Expo Speakers included Wesley Chan (Google), Ryan Storgaard (Microsoft), Alfredo Tan (Facebook), Martin Stoddart (Bing), Vanessa Wynn-Williams (Yahoo), Brian Wong (Digg), and the keynote, Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, & What the Dog Saw). Among the many speeches from leaders in the social media arena, the trade show showcased

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Webacom walks the Red Carpet

Webacom walks the Red Carpet 150 plus celebrities will be in attendance during the pre-Oscar party. A few confirmed celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Michael Jordan, Kristin Stewart (from Twilight), Jaimie Hilfiger (from Tommy Hilfiger), Emporio Armani, Fabio, Dennis Rodman, Christopher Atkins, Julia Roberts, her niece Emma Roberts, and several of the American Idol

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Webacom, L'Oreal, Nestle, and Dr. Skin Laser Join Forces

Webacom, L’Oreal, Nestle, and Dr. Skin Laser Join Forces Metvix®, the latest product line by Galderma is a non-invasive topical treatment option for pre-cancerous and skin cancer lesions. The procedure is relatively simple to perform and potential side effects are generally transient, predictable and manageable. Metvix® has been extensively clinically investigated. Long-term follow-up data have

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Webacom Lands in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Webacom Lands in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles With offices located in Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Irvine, Dr. Chugay is able to attract the stars. Dr. Chugay has been featured on many TV interviews and reports and has become a media celebrity himself.  Innovations like the “Chugay Tongue Patch” for weight loss began as an

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Webacom Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year

Webacom Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year The Barb & Bill Show is a video series created to help increase attendees to the morning and afternoon mixers. The videos are posted on YouTube and sent out to all Chamber members. The Chamber has seen staggering results and pays tribute to Webacom with an award.

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Webacom Visits Hawaii!

Webacom Visits Hawaii! Kona Lani is a 2-bedroom vacation home in the gated community of Keauhou Surf and Racquet Club.  It’s a fully furnished two bedroom unit offering two full baths and fully equipped kitchen. In the Hawaiian language, kona means leeward or dry side of the island (the sunny South West side) of the

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Webacom Press: Harbour City Star

Webacom Press: Harbour City Star “I’m addicted to the environment,” says Jay Somerville, president and CEO of Webacom Media Corp. in Nanaimo. As a passionate promoter of green initiatives, Jay has been convincing his clients to think green. Webacom offers wind-powered websites and one of the company’s graphic designers has been creating eco characters and

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