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Benjamin Mackenzie is 41 years old and married with 3 children. He’s worked hard his whole life to provide for his family, and he understands no one wants to waste their hard-earned money or time on scams and thieves. He aims to allow users to safely and securely purchase quality new and used items online without the worry of scammers and thieves.

Services provided — Consultation, Web Design & Development, SEO, Social Media, Branding

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At last, safe and secure classified ads

The classified site we built holds the payment from the seller until the item is delivered in good condition or as advertised. The site advertises quality new and used items for the sellers for a small fee and in return they have quality buyers purchasing their goods securely.

The idea is like any other classified site; however, it addresses the challenge many have using the service. Trust, safety and working products. Time and time again we’ve heard stories of products that are not working, safety risks meeting strangers and similar.

In this case because the money is in escrow the customer can be assured all works. The site charges a 5% selling fee for any sellers and free for buyers. For purchase of products we prefer a bank transfer. The reason is the transaction fees for PayPal, Moneris or whomever will add 1.8 – 3%, then the site makes no money.

We could not allow guests to contact the buyers direct. Therefore, we had to think about how this was set up, the classified plug-in lists a “place your ad” message and shows the address, email, name and phone number, products, and pictures. We had to modify this so the contact data did not show in the listing. The challenge was with the initial “sell your product”, feature as the owner needed that info to communicate with the vendor. We altered the form fields and created a new sign up page that allowed upload of images that the admin set up on behalf of the seller.

The end result was an engaging experience, encouraging users to learn more about the products and nurture them throughout their purchasing journey. Content was created specifically to target major search terms, appearing on relevant Google results pages and bringing in relevant traffic that would convert.

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