Social media marketing

From setting up your Twitter handle to launching a Facebook contest, we are your source for social media marketing expertise.


Why you need social media

These days it’s all about getting social, whether it’s by sharing content on social media sites or connecting with friends on social networks like Facebook. The question is how can your organization use social networks and social media for business?

Social media isn’t just about sharing cute family photos or bragging about your latest promotion, it’s a way of communicating and reaching out to customers. Internet users are more likely to buy brands that they follow or ‘Like’ online, so it’s a means of achieving brand traction and driving sales.

It’s also a proven fact that people are much more likely to believe like-minded consumer comments and feedback over corporate statements. Today’s modern companies need to ensure that positive comments are found and negative comments are moderated.

There are many ways that your business can “get connected” using social media marketing, especially when you have our guidance to help you every step of the way. We can set up your social media profiles, manage posts, build social campaigns, and even integrate your social feed information with your website.

We’ve helped the likes of shopping centres, cosmetic surgeons, resort destinations, and more make the most of social media. From consultancy to full blown campaigns we can help your business enter the world of social media.


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Social Campaigns

Social media campaigns can help increase your customer relationships, brand awareness, and fan base quickly and cost-effectively.


Contests and PPC

Contests have been around for a long time but they have taken on a new life with the growth of social media. Running a contest on social media platforms such as Facebook can increase the number of people who Like your business page, and even more importantly, contests can provide valuable customer information. With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry process.

Whether you are starting with 100 or 10,000 likes on your Facebook Page, contests offer a proven way to increase that number. We’ve seen clients go from 50 to 1,000 and from 5,000 to 10,000+ likes in a matter of days or weeks when running a contest.

As part of devising and managing your social media strategy, we can include budgeted spend on social media advertising and PPC, where appropriate. It’s all about defining your target audience and finding out which social media channels they use day to day.

We’ll help you decide which type of contest will help you reach your goals, explain the policies & guidelines, pick a relevant prize, and how to promote it. Our Facebook contests are fully managed. We’ll set it up, manage it, provide results reports, and even draw the winners for you.


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Viral Marketing

You have the opportunity to gain as much exposure as a TV ad during the Super Bowl for a fraction of the investment costs.


How to go Viral

Viral marketing uses social networks to gain widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing websites.

Brands and advertisers are using the medium in unique and meaningful ways to produce real results that greatly affect their bottom line – from increases in brand equity and share of voice to consumer mindshare.

Our goal is to create highly interesting viral marketing campaigns to get you on other people’s radars while simultaneously building your brand. “Going viral” can make a powerful impact on your business and lead to a plethora of future opportunities. Even small viral projects are a great way to get noticed – and stay noticed. All it takes is a relevant idea that is valuable, well-executed and optimized for sharing.


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