Project Description

The solution

A new responsive website design with portfolio system and SEO strategy.

We built the website on a WordPress platform with a responsive template for self-management and mobile viewing. We formatted the copy, included their high end photos, setup a new portfolio management system, and also implemented the latest SEO strategies to help achieve top search engine rankings.

The results

Updated online client touch point, increased brand recognition, new search engine traffic, and ability to self-manage the website and portfolio for ongoing cost savings.

Since the launch of the new website, Harvest Homes now has top search engine placement and new website traffic that they never had before. Along with the ability to view the new website on mobile devices, the new website showcases their portfolio in a much more intuitive manner which has led to an increase in client acquisition.

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“Very well organized and executed. Overall the experience was positive with user feedback that it was the best website of its type they had ever seen.”

Fran Pachkowsky – Owner at Harvest Homes Ltd.