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Dr. Chugay of Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Medical Clinic is a leading California cosmetic plastic surgeon and an acknowledged specialist in facial and body sculpting as well as implant surgery.

Services provided — Consultation, Web Design & Development, SEO & PPC, Social Media, Branding, Graphic Design


Californian cosmetic surgeons enter the spotlight

Dr. Chugay had been spending an exorbitant amount on advertising and marketing in Los Angeles with little to no return. He thought he had exhausted all options until a client of ours in Los Angeles told him to call Webacom. He really needed a new media company to balance the budget and maximize the return.

We were initially a bit surprised to hear from a leading celebrity plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills but happily accepted Dr. Chugay’s invite to meet with him, his son Paul, and visit his two locations in Los Angeles. We knew he meant business when he asked us to meet him within 48 hours. So, our managing directors, Jay and Jason, booked a flight and hopped on a plane the next day off to sunny California. Needless to say, the meeting went fantastic - as expected.

We quickly discovered his old website was tired and lacked marketing and search engine strength. It was out of date, didn’t work, and desperately needed to be optimized for search engines. Therefore, it was important that the new website was up to date and built by professionals. He had no social media presence and his advertising was ineffective.

This time it was his branding that needed a makeover. He needed a new look, a user-friendly website to help generate more leads online, a social media presence, and a high-profile advertising campaign to get him going again.

A rebrand was completed, a classy and sophisticated responsive website was created, and an effective advertising campaign was implemented. We rebranded Dr. Chugay to appear as classy as he is in person. We redesigned all his print material including business cards, letterhead, presentation folders, brochures, posters, and ad layouts. We redesigned his website on a WordPress platform, made it fully responsive for mobile viewing, rewrote the copy, and heavily optimized it for top search engine rankings.

We setup his Facebook page and Twitter handle, posted videos to YouTube, and implemented a new advertising campaign. Dr. Chugay now advertises in the most effective digital media to bring him the maximum return on investment including SEO, SEM, PPC, email, and a couple targeted magazines.

Dr. Chugay was stunned by the 400% increase in website inquiries, hundreds of Facebook fans, thousands of YouTube views, and a massive ROI boost.

Upon initial consultation, we peeled back the layers and attacked the core problems. We immediately discovered the contact form on his old website wasn’t even working. Shortly after the new website was launched, his inquires went from zero a day to ten plus a day. The new website’s features, user friendliness, mobile responsiveness, and fresh copy have been well favoured by users.

Top rankings in Google, new Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and YouTube views have greatly assisted in landing new patients. Dr. Chugay now has several new touch points to connect with his patients and gain media attention.

Dr. Chugay has been featured on NBC, CBS, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Wall Street Journal, Inside Edition, MSNBC, Tyra Banks Show and Dr. Phil as well as many appearances in worldwide newscasts.

Dr. Chugay’s classy new brand will last well into the future and the new advertising campaigns have enabled him to effectively target his market with a huge return on investment. The results achieved have revived the practice to its fullest potential and Dr. Chugay continues to see high returns from our ongoing creative advertising.

We continue to work with Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Clinic as part of a monthly full-service digital marketing plan. This is one of the several brands we have created for Dr. Chugay.

“We needed help finding new patients and rejuvenating our practice. Webacom helped accelerate our advertising by introducing our practice to prospective patients, researching our market breadth and depth, and putting together a plan on where to go next and how to do it. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to increase ROI.” 

Dr. Paul Chugay – Chugay Cosmetic Surgery Medical Clinic

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