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How to Increase Online Sales or Services Instantly using Google Ads

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What is Google PPC Advertising?

If you have used Google Search for practically any subject of interest you may have found a few Ads in the search results. Here is an example of what Ads look like when using this search string “lawyers Vancouver”. Please note this is one example only; we work with many types of business owners in several countries.

Please note that if you look below the toolbar it shows 212,000,000 results. Think about that; most people do not go past page two on any Google search result pages. In all fairness, not all the pages are lawyers, due to the geological area “Vancouver” included in the search string. Regardless there is huge competition to get to the top of Google search results.

Just below the total results number you will see two Ads easily identified by the word “Ad” beside the website address of each advertiser.

On the same page, the next results area is Google My Business (Google Maps).

Most have seen Google Maps and have used it for everything from calling a business, looking for directions, viewing a website, hours of operation, or reading reviews. The next results are what we call “organic search”, those are for the most part free, however, a search engine optimization expert does need to work on those types of pages to show up high in rankings.

Most have seen Google Maps and have used it for everything from calling a business, looking for directions, viewing a website, hours of operation, or reading reviews. The next results are what we call “organic search”, those are for the most part free, however, a search engine optimization expert does need to work on those types of pages to show up high in rankings.

You’ll note of the top ten organic listings are large websites like and followed by “People also ask” with several questions showing. That is due to the enormous size of those types of websites and when they include 100’s and perhaps 1000’s of pages those sites can take top rankings.

That is not always the case and one of the reasons is the generalization of the word “lawyers”. If you include the type of lawyer, like “family law”, “criminal lawyers” and so on, there are better results for individual law firms.

Setting up Google Ad campaigns is typically done by Google Certified Partner like Webacom Media Corp.

DIY – Go Ahead… but beware it can cost you a lot of TIME and MONEY

Just like any profession, it takes years to become an expert at anything. Maybe you have heard of the ten-thousand-hour rule penned by Malcolm Gladwell. His studies have found it takes that much time to be accomplished in any given career.

Some of the Doctors we work with in plastic surgery have gone through 14 years of medical training and even after all that time they still need to keep up with technological changes from reexaminations to annual conferences.

We have taken over many Google Ad campaigns and, in ALL cases, have helped our customers increase sales and save money from wasted clicks.

It is never a good idea to start a Google PPC campaign and not monitor it at least weekly.

Added Benefits when Running PPC Campaigns – DATA!

Data is now more valuable than oil, when used correctly it will assist in crucial decisions from the types of keywords people type that trigger your Google Ads, your audience types, geo targets, and much more.

As an example of how data is used in real campaigns, here is what we did with a Law Firm.

After running Google Ads for at least six weeks we started studying data and found keywords and phrases like this.

At what age does divorce not affect children?

What are Support obligations for a child born outside of the marriage?

Can you go to jail for not paying child support?

This is a very small portion of the data received and was for a “family law” Ad Group. Once we realized potential clients were typing full string search phrases, we knew if we wrote content that answered those questions it would provide an educational structure to the website.

We started adding Blogs and a Frequently Asked Questions page adding more answers every month. It didn’t take long to start getting top organic rankings for competitive search strings like “family lawyers” and specific long-string keyword phrases as in the examples. When you combine Google PPC with organic search optimization you have the best of both worlds, getting traffic immediately and using the new data to create relevant content.

The same can be said with COVID-19 as we started seeing data related to lawsuits and COVID-19 from loss of employment to firings. We passed this data to the Law Firm who in turn created articles about COVID-19 and law. Now if you type COVID-19 law firms the site ranks very highly.

This is why tying in and linking Google Analytics and Google Tags to your paid campaigns is needed to retrieve the data.

Two Business Startup Examples using Google PPC to Gain Business Quickly

If you go back just 20 years starting a business and getting customers was an enormous feat that usually meant large budgets for TV, Radio, Newspapers, Press Releases, and more. In most cases at least $20,000.00 was required upfront and that would only last 2-3 months tops.

In these two examples, neither customer had a large budget, in fact, one borrowed the money for the investment in getting the business going.

Pest Control

Webacom created his website and logo followed by setting up the Google Ads PPC Campaigns. The very first day he started to receive business, no waiting for a brand-new website to start ranking which can typically take three months.

His budget for advertising was only $500.00 a month and an added $270.00 a month for Webacom to manage the campaign and maintain his website. Over time as he gained more customers, he increased his monthly budget proportional to his sales. It has now been three years and he is still growing stronger even under the COVID-19 challenges, rats and rodents are now in abundance. He certainly picked a safe industry.

Junk Removal

This company wanted to compete with the likes of 1-800-JUNK and with Google Ads, he was able to do this successfully. Why? We added his competitor’s keywords so when someone types 1-800-Junk in Google his Ad showed up. Yes, this is completely legal and allowed by Google, and does it ever work well!

Webacom did the same type of work as in the Pest control business, and two years later he is still running strong and increasing his budget to other areas.

BEST RESULTS ROI – Managed Google PPC Campaigns with Organic SEO & Maintenance

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how Google Advertising works and how it allows anyone with a basic budget to be right up in the top rankings you may now see how your own business would benefit.

Webacom’ s approach to working with our monthly customers is to provide more than just managing a Google Ad campaign, we study the data and working together create new pages that allow your site to rank organically. That means when someone is looking for your services, they see you in Google Ads, Google Maps, Google Structured Data, and Organic results. That edge allows you to gain more business, it is not just one listing, your brand becomes prevalent in search for the geotargeted areas you serve.

Most websites require maintenance too; all these services can be included in your monthly package.

What Type of Budget Should You Set?

Return on investment is proportional to your overall investment, the more you invest the higher your return.

You can start as low as $500.00 a month plus management fees and add more as your sales increase. Some industries are more expensive than others (related to Google keyword bidding), however, setting a maximum amount per keyword will keep your budget in place.

If you’re covering larger cities, more than one area, or other countries a higher budget is needed.

Let Webacom provide a free consultation to help with determining the best budget for your type of business.

What is the Next Step? Free Consultation

Millions of websites are not being found in search engine results due to poorly executed PPC. Don’t let yours become one of them.

Call us Toll-Free North American Wide, 1-866-376-4240 (Pacific Mountain Time) Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM, or click here to email through our secure form.

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