Sisters of Nazareth Launching New Website!

We are currently in the development stages of a fresh new website show-casing their divisions including Elder Care, Child Care, Humanitarian Work, and Congregation. They currently have locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and the United States.

We have offered to donate time into their new project as we truly want to help them succeed. We recently received design approval on their new web design. Please take a moment to read the amazing testimonial from Sister Gertrude Hennessey.

Dear Jay and Webacom Production Family,Last night and today I was able to make contact by e-mail with some of the members of the General Council with whom I work to tell them about your very generous offer to help us by producing a high quality, professional looking website. Our Superior General is currently in South Africa, another council member is Australia, another had just returned to London, and two are on vacation. One member of the General Council was designated as a contact person to get back to me with regards to your generous offer. The Council could hardly believe what I had relaying to them. As a group they are very aware of the trememdous cost involved the development of a professional website. As I memtioned to you earlier, there is no way we could possible afford to contract for the developement of such a professional website — that is why we chose to go the route of using a template.

Sister Gertrude Hennessey

The response below as phoned in from a General Council member:

Webacom’s very generous offer is a gift that will continue to give for years to come. Not only are we truly grateful for your artists design skills; we are grateful for the kindness and generousity of the Somerville Family. You did not have to do this for us — that is what make it so special. A genuine gift, given from the heart!” It make me think of a saying I once hear from Mother Teresa of Calcutta. “We cannot do great things on this Earth; only small things with great love.” To me this is a great “thing” given with great love!” Thank you, Jay so much for you extreme kindness and generousity. We, as a Congregation, we would be honored to be included in your Company’s portfolio listing; and we will certainly do anything we possibly can to promote your Business among our acquaintances. “Slainte mhor agus a h-uile beannachd duibh”Gaelic Prayer

General Council member

Good health and blessings to all at Webacom,

Sister Gertrude”