JYSK Deploys Flyer Application

After several months of development and viability testing, the flyer was released to Jysk.  Along with the ability to make any item on the flyer easily interact with the e-store, the Jysk design team was able to create a near infinite amount of styles and looks to create a rich and satisfying user experience.

An interface was painstakingly engineered to ensure that designers using the product wouldn’t miss a beat while creating their interactive flyers by implementing language and workflows that made the publishing experience friendly and pleasurable to work with.  The drag and drop simplicity of the workspace would be a bonus to any small, medium or large company wanting to create a unique online experience for e-shoppers as the environment is not only easy to use, but completely scalable for any amount of products.

The Flyer is well timed to appease today’s environmentally conscious entrepreneur. As we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, moving to paperless marketing solutions makes perfect business sense.
To view the flyer in use, please visit www.jysk.ca or contact Webacom to learn more about how our e-commerce and custom development services can work for you.