Webacom Nominated for a Sterling Award


Webacom Nominated for a Sterling Award

Webacom were members of the local Home Builders Association (CHBACVI) and when courses to become certified Built Green™ were offered in Nanaimo he enrolled in the class. To our knowledge no other graphic design company in this area has become certified.

Although Webacom will never build homes a substantial amount of their client base were home builders and developers. The course was tough and even though Jay was the last person to finish the exam he waited patiently as the teacher marked his papers and was ecstatic he had passed.

This is the first part of the courses required to become fully certified. (Click here to view the Certificate)

With new knowledge about energy efficiency and the quality of air we breathe in our homes Webacom starting going green.

The first step was finding an eco friendly co location for their hosting servers. After much research the power for the servers is now purchased from wind turbine farms in Texas.

They also realized this is more than just educating adults and clients and they wanted to get children involved in a non threatening manner. This resulted in the creation of a family of cartoon characters called Eco Gal and Eco Guy. (Click here to read poem)

The pivotal project to show just how this green knowledge helps in job creation was a new luxury waterfront development on Sproat Lake.

The owners had been planning for years to develop their waterfront property and were looking for graphic design and marketing companies that could help them get the project off the ground.
Although they were already thinking sustainability by maintaining and keeping the fish habitat on their waterfront they were looking for creative ways to promote the development. In particular with the economy the way it is and not quite sure whom they would choose to build their development they hired Webacom to do initial consultation for marketing.

Through Webacom’s membership and gained knowledge of Built Green at the local home builders association Jay knew this had to be Built Green™ Platinum. Although the costs are slightly higher to reach this level through gentle persuasion and local contacts with green builders the owners decided to make it a Built Green development and hire local builders resulting in job creation.

Webacom wanted a branding and naming that was extremely unique and reflective of a green community. The original name was Sproat Lake Resort and Marina; however Webacom based on hours and hours of research wanted something historical and memorable. That research let into the discovery that Sproat Lake was originally called “Klehkoot” before settlers changed the name.

Being there were petro glyphs close by what better a branding than showing respect for first nations people that have always been environmental stewards. The name became “Klehkoot Marina Vistas” with the slogan “wide open spaces”. The artwork for the logo was inspired by First Nations Illustrative; however they did not copy it.

The passing of green knowledge to both new and existing customers led to two realtors becoming “green realtors”, several home builders getting certified Built Green™, an international scuba diving community called “Scuble” helping protect coral reefs and a number of alternative energy and green companies.

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