Our Story

Webacom is an off the beaten path creative agency, conceived in 1995 among the blue, oceanic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

In 2000, Jay Somerville, with a past in marketing and technology, acquired the company and changed the name to better reflect what the agency did, “web and communications”. In 2003, Jay joined forces with his son Jason who now manages operations.

As the agency grew, new marketing services were offered including branding, print, content marketing, SEO, social media, and mobile marketing.

To truly help their clients, Webacom needed to offer all levels of marketing. To attract top brands from around the world, Webacom expanded its service area and now has two locations on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. Today, their core business remains the same, serving clients of all sizes and helping businesses succeed with the latest marketing strategies available.



Our key players

We represent the best of which can be offered, with degrees from accredited universities and a deep background in business and marketing.

Jay somerville


I’m a loving husband and father of three children. I’m a marketing guru, and internationally recognized speaker, and founder of Webacom. I’ve been in the technology industry since 1980 including security, computers, marketing, and advertising.


Jason somerville


I have a wonderful wife and daughter and I’m also co-founder of Webacom. I mostly manage the operations side of the company and help bridge the communication gap with clients, monitor deadlines, and solve any mysterious elements of a project.


Lorie Collins

Office Manager

I’m a mother to two gorgeous girls and dubbed “the happy girl” by my co-workers. I love to inspire a cheerful attitude in those around me. I started as a receptionist but I’ve evolved during my tenure and now affectionately known to our clients and staff as “the go-to gal”.


Kandace Knutson

Sr. Designer/Developer

I am blissfully married to my husband and the proud mother of two daughters. I’m also a web designer & developer. I’ve been an artist for twenty years and my portfolio reaches into database programming, app development, and animation.


Kathy Somerville


I’m happily married to my husband Jay, Webacom’s founder. I’m also the bookkeeper and the one who keeps a tight ship. In addition to looking after our home and wonderful children, I love to play with my sweet granddaughters, Brooklyn and Arianna.



I’m Molly and I work hard assisting the team with creative campaigns and greeting customers. I’m very fast on a keyboard and can paw 3 words a minute, assuming there are no distractions. I’m currently single and prefer males with big paws and pushed in faces.



I’m Bella, Webacom’s newest furry mascot, here to keep Molly company. I’m a purebred French Bulldog and I assist with creative Facebook campaigns, preferably with doggy pictures.



The Webacom Way

We try to make work a stimulating and happy experience. We put this first, believing that superior service depends on the high morale of our staff.

We have developed a truly multinational, multitalented team from around the globe to offer more insight into a growing international market. Our staff’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions are always welcomed and valued.

We exist to build the business of our clients and our recommendations would be the same if we owned their companies, without regard to our own interest. No matter where our clients are from and no matter which location they employ, they can expect the same standards of behaviors no matter what.

Excitement and Innovation

As professional communicators, we take great responsibility in our marketing abilities to create perfect results for our clients we fundamentally support.

Our team has spent the last two decades refining our process through learning, adapting and evolving. As a result, we have weeded out the guesswork to ensure that our strategies are in line with our client’s goals and building their sales time and time again.

Our unique approach brings together new ways of listening carefully to our clients for actionable insights. We have implemented new practices for content creation, digital production, data analytics, and operations to support and measure more dynamic customer interaction and content distribution.

Above all, we are committed to our clients, inspired by their success, excited by change, and fueled by a passion for collaboration and bold innovation.




Our Community

We cherish helping others through our time, resources, ideas, and donations. Our success over the years has given us the incredible opportunity to partner with a host of charitable and community organizations.

We work with these groups as we would any of our clients; our goal is help each organization grow financially and socially, while also growing awareness of their great causes.