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Webacom Media Corporation is a full service online search engine optimization company providing SEO services for small to large companies.

When you consider the high cost of advertising in traditional media like print, phone publications, and TV the investment in search engine optimization outperforms traditional media substantially. 85% of consumers go online first to research a product or service prior to making a buying decision.

Is your website easily found in search engines? We don’t mean simply typing your business name in Google; we mean potential customers that find your business through the use of keywords and keyword strings that bring new customers to your business.

Local Search Engine Optimization Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

If you’re looking for a local business typing something like “lawyers” in Google will not bring you a local result. By adding “nanaimo” you will find local businesses that operate in the city of Nanaimo. We’ve seen this time and time again where a local business owner can’t be found locally. It’s usually due to a lack of search engine optimization.

Simply put, if the name of the city you operate in is not listed in several locations on your website and/or the location is an image only your site will not be found. This can really hurt the chances for any given local business to survive if they can’t be found easily online.

"Hi Jay & Jason…well the website seems to have tagged another potential excellent client…the Band Psychologist found us on the internet and made the contact…looks like I may have to take a trip up there to inspect the facility and mediate some of the problems…this is great and just the kind of work in forensic engineering that we want…thanks again for all your help with our website which continues to help our marketing efforts quietly and silently 24hrs per day and 7 days per week….Hope all is well with your business too…Kindest regards….Geoff A.Evans M.Sc.,P.Eng EPES"

Google My Business – the new top search engine results – Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

You may have noticed over the past few years when using a local search that Google Maps are right on top. This is part of what Google has done to assist with local search results. In case you aren’t sure what we mean please see the image below showing a local search result for “plumbers nanaimo”. 


When typing for services locally Google Maps is now embedded into your search query allowing you to find local businesses easier.

The next screenshot shows a Google My Business listing for Norms Plumbing. Notice a large number of reviews, very helpful in credibility.

Reviews are relevant to “social proof”, which means if others like your business they post a positive review. In cases where a customer has not done business with you and they see a five-star review or good review compels them to want to use your services as others have had favourable results.

The words customers use to review your business also become part of search engines and can help your Google My Business listing to have a better ranking.

Setting up a Google Places account is free, however, it needs to be created based on understanding search engines and keywords. Webacom has spent tens of hours learning how to get the best rankings for your Google My Business account.

Please contact us about your Google My Business account and we’ll show you how important the correct setup up is. It’s so important Google states it is the second most important aspect of search engine optimization.

If you would like to see Webacom ‘s Google Places account please go to Google and type “Webacom”.

"Your absolutely right Jay… I just want to say how happy I am with your customer service….all that I have talked to lately at Webacom has been a great help I’ll talk soon about adding my sponsor’s to the site Thanks Chad"

What is Search Engine Optimization? Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

Search Engine Optimization is the skill required to increase your rankings in search engines. Google is simply a large database of indexed websites that become part of the database.

The art of search engine optimization is placing the correct keywords that match the services and/or products that you offer. The key to success is to constantly feed your website with new content whether news, product releases, new staff, educational, and any other subject of interest to your customers.

Search engine optimization is more than just what you visualize; it’s in the backend code as well. Webacom‘s search engine optimization service works with all aspects of increasing and maintaining search engine strength. Webacom prefers what is called “organic” search engine optimization. This is the art of search engine optimization that does not require having to pay Google for “sponsored ads”.

"I just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of our customer Craig Lambie at Metallic Magic, he stopped by my office today after your meeting and said how impressed he was with you and the firm for looking after him so well. I just wanted to share this positive feedback with you and thank you for doing a first class job. That kind of customer service is exactly what makes us so good at what we do. Awesome job, customer’s words, not mine. Sincerely, Mike Warneboldt"

Social Media – How Social Media influences Search – Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

Backlinks are another aspect of search engine optimization that helps increase your search engine strength. Simply explained a backlink is another website or social media channel that is linked back to your own website. Some of the best backlinks are from social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular websites.

This is what made Google different than other search engines where your ranking is based on your linking strengths, thus link popularity. The more external links you have the better your website is ranked.

"I have never had anything but good experiences with Webacom. Your staff makes the difference. This is why I went to you with my needs.  Hope this helps Jay. Regards, Dan Favarger"

Mobile and Search Engine Optimization – Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

The mobile platform is one of the fastest-growing segments of online search. Statistics suggest over the next few years over 60% of the internet will be searched via smartphones and tablet-type devices. Google looks for a special code that indicates that your website has a mobile version.

We suggest taking a look at your current website on a smartphone and see how it looks. If you’re using flash you won’t see anything on Apple-type mobile as it is not compatible.

"Hi Webacom: I had some young fellow that came into our office trying to sell Google placement claiming that he never found us on the first 2 pages under Graphics Nanaimo and that no one could compete with the results of their service.  In front of him I searched Graphics Nanaimo and to my amazement…we were NUMBER ONE!  I asked him “Can you do better than that?”  He replied “I Guess not”…..My answer was simply “Well Webacom can, so have a nice day !”  Thanks very much for all your hard work. Bill J. Smith – Owner"

Search Engine Optimization Pricing Packages – Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island

Just like any given advertising campaign, the return on investment is proportional to your overall investment. The more you can invest, the faster the return. Not to worry, we can work with any given budget and as you gain more sales you can invest proportionally.

Typically the way search engine optimization begins is the initial search engine optimization phase. This includes analyzing your existing site to be sure the content management system and/or type of website editor is search engine friendly.

Assuming your site is built upon a platform conducive to search we begin looking over the type of products and/or services you supply as well as the geographical areas you serve. We then grade your current search strength and provide a proposal as to what the appropriate investment should be.

There are two phases to search engine optimization pricing, the first is the initial search engine optimization, making sure all your pages are optimized correctly. The second phase is usually performed monthly where we keep feeding your website new content and/or work on backlinks so more external websites link back to your site.

Search Engine Optimization Packages can start at only $ 500.00 for the initial search engine optimization and $ 170.00 a month to maintain rankings.

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