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The use of mobile smart phones and tablets is growing at an extremely fast rate. They are now used for much more than a typical phone call. You can update social media channels, read email, download apps, play games, take video or pictures and access the Internet. Have you ever noticed when accessing the Internet that some website’s either isn’t visible or very difficult to read on your smart phone? Most realize you can stretch your screen so the text is larger; however it’s another unneeded step that can hinder a potential sale.

Responsive web design resolves this challenge and automatically adjusts your website to match the viewing platform whether a mobile phone or tablet. Considering the staggering amount of various manufacturers of smart phones, tablets and the growing number of users you need to have your business website responsive. 2015 was the first year over 50% of all Internet traffic was from mobile. Google added a code such that it will add a tag “Mobile Friendly” in the search results clearly giving preference to mobile responsive websites.

Website Owners – Can Your Website Automatically Switch to Responsive Design?

Unfortunately no, your website needs to be built using responsive design. If you have the correct backup files of your website they can be reformatted for responsive though. If you are considering any major changes to your website and/or a new website be sure it’s built responsive. If your business website is reasonably high in traffic or really important for communication with customers you should seriously consider rebuilding the website.

Over the past five years Webacom has been building responsive websites to be sure our customers always have cutting edge technologies. Should you like more information on this subject or have any other questions concerning marketing and technology or would like a price on responsive website design please contact us, the initial consultation is free. Webacom is Nanaimo’s first custom website development company and has been operating in Nanaimo since 1995. We have served customers in more than nine countries around the world.

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