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Google Analytics

Google’s Analytics tool is free, easy to install, and provides a wealth of knowledge about visitors to your website. The snapshot views and graphs make it easy to understand visitor behaviour. You can also export reports and set goals to measure ROI for a particular path through your website. The Google Analytics program now supports tracking via server log files, as well as cookie based tracking, so you’ll be ensured that the results you get are meaningful and will provide you with some actionable steps to improve visitor conversion and sales.

Google AdWords

Google’s Paid Search Platform offers video, text and image based advertising with CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) or CPC (cost per click) based campaigns. You can target specific regions and websites with your ads, create multiple text or image ads for each keyword group, even set budgets for specific times of day – or turn your ads off altogether for times when visitors aren’t buying.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Console can give you insight onto how your site is appearing in Google’s index. You can inform it what country you serve with your products and submit sitemaps. In return, the console provides comprehensive data on which of your pages are indexed in Google, who is linking to you from other sites and diagnoses any potential issues that may prevent your website from being properly crawled or indexed. Best of all, this is a free service from Google.

Google Base

Have products you want to sell online? Google Base allows you to upload your products to their online e-commerce utility. Google has recently been showing these products in standard search results, so this is another way to get your products on the first page.

Google Places

Have one or more physical locations? Add them to Google’s map index via the Google Places. Map listings often appear above natural search listings, so this is a great way from Google to gain additional exposure.

Google Books

If you are an author, you can submit your original works to the Google Books Partner Program free of charge. While there’s a bit of a waiting period, it’s another opportunity for your products to appear above standard search results.

Google Alerts

Very simply, you set a Google Alert for a specific topic. Every time Google adds an item to their index that contains your keyphrase, Google sends you a notification. A great way to keep abreast of changes in your industry or keep an eye on your competitors.

Google News

Getting a release onto Google News is much simpler than you think. There are dozens of free press release submission services that syndicate and distribute your content to hundreds of sites across the web, including Google News.

Google Blogger

Have something you want to say? Try a Google Blog. Google’s blogs are well indexed and interspersed with standard search results. They’re a great way to promote your business, tell stories and keep customers informed of new happenings at your company.

Google Video/YouTube

Google recently acquired YouTube and along with their proprietary video solution, Google Video, have essentially dominated the market share for video on the web. Since they started including video results in standard search, there a lot of opportunities to market your business with a small infomercial or viral campaign. High production value isn’t necessary – if you have something to say and a video camera, you can join the other businesses on the web informing and entertaining potential customers.

Google Images

If you have images on your site, you may be able to gain extra traffic by having them optimized for Google Image search. Statistics across a wide variety of industries of all sizes show that traffic from Google Image searches often exceed traffic from proprietary search engines such as MSN and Ask.


Google offers their mail product for the individual and at the enterprise level for a very reasonable price.

Google Docs

Google’s online office suite allows you to share documents such as spreadsheets and word documents in a collaborative environment and offers much of the same functionality for the average end user as Microsoft Office or Open Office suites.

Google Advanced Operators

To narrow your search results, Google supports advanced operators such as OR, NEAR, AND and also allows for phrase matching and Boolean expressions. A complete list of Google’s advanced operators is available here.
This list is the beginning of the many services Google offers. For a complete list of all of Google’s current services, click here. If you would like assistance in implementing these Google solution, contact Webacom Media Corporation for a consultation today!

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