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We make Digital Marketing simple. In the ever-changing digital landscape, we do the heavy lifting and provide you with results.




“If a company is not growing, it’s dying…” 

Marketing has been around since the beginning of humankind. Digital Marketing, however, has only been around a little more than two decades yet has become the most successful medium for business growth in all human history.

Google is slightly over 20-years-old and is the most used search engine in the world; today’s generation can’t fathom a time when Google didn’t exist, and the very act of searching online is called Googling, often even when you’re using Google’s competitors (Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Amazon was built using digital marketing products and in only 20 years has become the largest online company in the world. 

Competition has also been around since the beginning of time and has always been a tough game. The invention of the internet has made it even more competitive, providing consumers with easier access to a world-wide market but it has also provided more opportunities for businesses than ever before to reach customers across the world. 

Digital marketing puts your business in front of your consumer but has become ever more complex, time consuming, and provides more options than ever before. Staying on top of the ever-changing trends is not easy for the busy businessperson trying to grow a company. That’s where digital marketing companies like Webacom come in. 

Understanding your demographic, services, and business helps us to evaluate the best strategies and investment you should dedicating towards your business growth. If you budget correctly with the right digital marketing company, your business will grow. 

If you don’t, inevitably your competitors will, and they won’t hesitate to take your customers. 

First call and only call! Loyalty earned, results proven!!

Customer since 2003. Best one word descriptor: solid. Solid in terms of service, understanding, work efforts, skill, flexibility and over all product value.

Return on Investment? I can directly link that for every $1 spent on service purchased from the Webacom team I have been able to generate $150 in sales revenue. Tough to argue with that and why I can not afford to go anywhere else.

Andrew Carpenter
Reclaimit Ltd.

Understanding Today’s Consumer

Today’s consumer is demanding, impatient, idealistic, socially conscious and experience oriented. They rely on reviews and what others comment about negative or positive experiences.

They search for products and services using the word “best” in front of their search words. According to Google this type of search query is increasing substantially.

Understanding your customers behaviour—and how it changes from generation to generation—is crucial to engaging the right audiences, and then ensuring that the most relevant information is easily accessible on your site is key.

“You have less than EIGHT seconds to get their attention or they bounce.”

Digital Marketing is Complex. Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting for You

While digital marketing is the most powerful means to advertise there is nothing easy about it. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn—all these and more have complex algorithms that are changing all the time. A.I. (artificial intelligence) is becoming the default for these companies, however AI-based Ad campaigns can easily eat up your Ad budget—and target the wrong clients—if not set up correctly.

And it’s not just the AI that is complex, it’s all the development tools you need to learn and understand for each Media, from images sizes for Facebook and Instagram Ads to Display Ad banners for Google Ads and retargeting and how to track conversions or traffic to your site. We’ve made sure we stay current with these algorithms and channels so you don’t have to!

Hi Webacom: I had some young fellow that came into our office trying to sell Google placement claiming that he never found us on the first 2 pages under Graphics Nanaimo and that no one could compete with the results of their service. In front of him I searched Graphics Nanaimo and to my amazement…we were NUMBER ONE ! I asked him “Can you do better than that?” He replied “I Guess not”…..My answer was simply “Well Webacom can, so have a nice day !” Thanks very much for all your hard work.

Bill J. Smith
Business Owner

Take Advantage of the Opportunity To Make Your Business Grow

Webacom started building websites in 1995, along with performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and submitting at the time to dozens of search engines has given us substantial experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t. 

We have created over 4000 websites in nine countries around the world all based on SEO and custom designed websites. We’ve seen new start-ups and established companies grow quickly utilizing only digital media.

There is no better way to find new customers and grow your business than through Digital Marketing. 


Webacom provided me with exceptional services!
From the start to finish, the Webacom team worked seamlessly together to create our new website.
They paid attention to every detail, and exceeded my expectations!
After 27 years in business , it was a pleasure to aquire such professional services.
I highly recommend Webacom!
Thank you Webacom team!

Vancouver Island Fence Co
Business Owner

Digital Marketing Products We Offer

• Monthly Ad Management, 
• Marketing Consulting,
• Web Design - Websites that Win Customers,
• Website Maintenance
• Organic Search Engine Optimization,
• Paid Ads on Search Engines (Google/Bing),
• Social Media Ad Campaigns,
• Social Media Management (Facebook/Instagram),
• Website Hosting and Maintenance,
• Domain Purchase and Management.

Our Five-Step Consultation Process

1) Discuss your business goals, short and long term.
2) Learn about your products and/or services.
3) Discover the geographical areas you want to grow.
4) Talk about your budget and develop a marketing strategy.
5) Implement approved Medias and share the results.

Hi Jay & Jason…well the website seems to have tagged another potential excellent client…the Band Psychologist found us on the internet and made the contact…looks like I may have to take a trip up there to inspect the facility and mediate some of the problems…this is great and just the kind of work in forensic engineering that we want…thanks again for all your help with our website which continues to help our marketing efforts quietly and silently 24hrs per day and 7 days per week….Hope all is well with your business too…Kindest regards.

Geoff A.Evans
M.Sc.,P.Eng EPES

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