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Webacom has been at the forefront of web design in Nanaimo for over 20 years. As a fellow small business in our community, we know the local market and our team brings skills above and beyond the ordinary to every local project.

Your outdated website could be hurting your business.

When you land on an outdated website that looks ugly, old or neglected you assume some things about the company behind the website and most of your assumptions are not good.

You may think to yourself, “Yikes, business must be slow for these people. It doesn’t look like they’ve touched their site in years.” Then you think, “oh well” before hitting the BACK button.

Sound about right? Book a free consultation today to discuss the dangers of using an outdated website to represent your company. And how your current website may be hurting your reputation and driving business straight to your competitors.

85% of consumers go online first to research a product or service prior to making a buying decision. Is your website setup properly to generate the leads?

It takes less than a second for your site visitors to form a first impression about your business and once it is seared into their minds, they will either stay and explore what you have to offer, or leave and find someone else.

Turns out, people love great websites.

Webacom began in Nanaimo in 1995 and since then we've designed over 3,500 websites for clients all around the world. Creating websites for so many clients in so many countries has provided us with the insight and experience required to provide the right web design solutions to increase market share both locally and internationally.

See samples from our portfolio below including two local businesses in Nanaimo.

Google Places – the new top search engine results – XXXXX, XX, Canada

You may have noticed over the past few years when using a local search that Google Maps are right on top. This is part of what Google has done to assist with local search results. In case you aren’t sure what we mean please see image below showing a local search result for “plumbers XXXXXX”. 

Less than 5% of business owners have “claimed” their Google Places account

When typing for services locally Google Maps is now embedded into your search query allowing you to find local business easier. There is a large challenge however and that is less than 5% of business owners have “claimed” their Google Places account. What do we mean? Take a look at the adjacent image. 


We put a stop to lost opportunities.

We get it. It’s been a while since your website was built. Maybe you got a new website designed real cheap, or you hired an web designer that went out of business or you got roped in to a contract with YP. Or maybe it’s just been a long time since your website was last updated.

Now its time to face some hard truths. When your website looks ignored, is outdated or is just plain old, it sends a message to your visitors. It says you just don’t care about the things your customers really want.

Potential customers are looking to you for solutions to their problems and most people immediately go to the web to search for companies that can help. When you neglect something as important as your website, your visitors may be thinking that you neglect other areas of your business. And that you don’t care enough to be someone they want to do business with.

There are other hidden costs as well like sales inefficiencies, slow website speeds, poor user experience, security vulnerabilities and others that add up to multiple missed opportunities to earn more business.



Hi Jay & Jason…well the website seems to have tagged another potential excellent client…the Band Psychologist found us on the internet and made the contact…looks like I may have to take a trip up there to inspect the facility and mediate some of the problems…this is great and just the kind of work in forensic engineering that we want…thanks again for all your help with our website which continues to help our marketing efforts quietly and silently 24hrs per day and 7 days per week….Hope all is well with your business too…Kindest regards.

Geoff A.Evans
M.Sc.,P.Eng EPES

Unlock your website's full potential.

Editing a website and continuously updating it with new content is crucial to generating new leads. WordPress is the most popular website editor with over 50 million downloads and the one we're partial to.

WordPress is what we call “open source”. What that means is the code is free, yet programmers around the world can create add-on modules (plug-ins) like newsletters, Blogs, shopping carts, membership websites, and more. We highly recommend non-proprietary website editors like Word Press as it allows expansion with minimum investment.

Please be extremely cautious if any web design company is trying to sell you a proprietary website editor. It means you will be very limited as to the expansion of your website as well as being locked in with only one company. We prefer our customers stay with us due to the quality of service, not because they are forced to.

I just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of our customer Craig Lambie at Metallic Magic, he stopped by my office today after your meeting and said how impressed he was with you and the firm for looking after him so well. I just wanted to share this positive feedback with you and thank you for doing a first class job. That kind of customer service is exactly what makes us so good at what we do. Awesome job, customer’s words, not mine.

Sincerely, Mike Warneboldt
Business Owner

Time to give your website the design it deserves.

There are two types of website design services, custom or pre-designed templates or themes. A custom web design is 100% created from scratch and is designed based on your current or new branding. Custom web designs are all unique and owned by the individual owner. Custom website design is usually best as no other company website will look like yours. The investment for custom website design is often 30-50% more than a pre-designed web template primarily due to the time it takes to create the web graphics from scratch.

A pre-designed web design or template has already been created by a designer and you in essence rent the website. It’s usually a one-time fee only and other companies may use the same design unless you buy out the rights to use the web design exclusively.

Webacom understands that not all budgets are the same for various companies and as a result, we offer both custom and pre-designed Word Press Themes or templates. We offer thousands of pre-designed Word Press Themes to choose from.

 I have never had anything but good experiences with Webacom. Your staff make the difference.This is why I went to you with my needs. 
Hope this helps Jay.

Regards, Dan Favarger
Business Owner

I just want to say how happy I am with your customer service….all that I have talked to lately at Webacom has been a great help I’ll talk soon about adding my sponsor’s to the sight.

Thanks Chad
Business Owner

Hi Webacom: I had some young fellow that came into our office trying to sell Google placement claiming that he never found us on the first 2 pages under Graphics Nanaimo and that no one could compete with the results of their service. In front of him I searched Graphics Nanaimo and to my amazement…we were NUMBER ONE ! I asked him “Can you do better than that?” He replied “I Guess not”…..My answer was simply “Well Webacom can, so have a nice day !” Thanks very much for all your hard work.

Bill J. Smith
Business Owner

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