Managed Domain Names

Domain names represent your individuality on the Internet and determines your e-mail ID such as


Give your website an address

A domain name must be registered for the identity of your business and to give your website an address. We offer complete domain registration services at cost effective prices.

Short and expressive domain names are memorable and give a lasting impression. The domain extension should be in accordance with your organization type and location. For example: .com, .ca, .net, .guru, etc.

Our support team includes mail migration experts and system architects to provide you with fully hosted professional email solutions.

We provide unlimited free support both via email & phone to resolve an issue or provide our technical expertise; we provide you assistance in every way possible.


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Features and Services

Once you’ve registered your domain name, you can instantly add web hosting and personalised email to bring your domain to life.


Important Considerations

We have the necessary resources to handle any type of project as well as problems regarding domain name registration. Our domain services include consulting, registration, management and renewals for a low inexpensive fee.

There are many important considerations about your domain that you may not know relevant to marketing, name recognition and copyright that we will advise you on as part of our free consultation.


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