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Logo design is one of the most important aspects of your business as it represents your brand and speaks to your target demographic.


Quality design vs crowd sourcing

A custom logo is by far the best way to go and dealing with a creative agency who truly understands branding will give you maximum return on investment.

In recent years, many crowd sourcing companies have popped up with a cheap price model based on multiple designers pitching logos that you can choose from. You basically set what you’d like to pay and the designers who are willing to work within your budget proceed to design a logo. Out of all the designers who submit a logo, you only pay the one that you choose. However, there is a huge long term cost.

These designers don’t know you; they don’t care about you or your brand. They login, review budgets, chose one, slap together a quick logo and submit it. Remember, only one designer out of hundreds actually gets paid. How much time would you invest if you only had a 1% chance of getting paid?

Most decent logos start at a minimum of $500.00. After all this is your Brand – don’t you want to ensure it’s unique to only your company?

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Personal Identification

We speak with you personally to review your brand, your products or services, your target market, and your goals for growth.


Visual Representation

Only after we know you and your business inside out do we proceed to design a custom logo for you company. Our logo designers are top-notch and have the experience to translate who you are into a visual representation.


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Original Artwork

Don’t be fooled by the lowest prices advertised for logo design. If you value your time and care for quality, come to the professionals.


Keep Your Files

Avoid the risk of not knowing if you’ll receive original artwork, clipart reused many times, or design copied from another source. We take full responsibility for the originality of the artwork created by our designers.

After your logo is approved, we provide the original artwork for you to use as you please. Many agencies consider if they designed it, they own the source files. However at Webacom we consider if you paid for it, it’s yours. For nearly 20 years, we have satisfied thousands of clients with high quality custom logos.


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