Now it may seem like everybody is jumping on the ‘Go Green’ bandwagon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lend our support for the efforts of those who take the first step in doing a little bit to make themselves just a helpful smidgen greener.

If Earth Day has you a tad confused, just ask a child how important it is to them. Nearly every school child in Canada takes part in an Earth Day activity. For the sake of their future, we all need to do our part to help repair some of the damage to the environment we’ve left them.

Whether you’ve picked up an eBike for short local trips instead of burning up the fuel into the air, or perhaps selected a new retailer because they’re making an effort for their shop and staff to learn greener alternatives to old ways; our support goes towards showing our appreciation for the need and efforts to change.

Webacom knows the difficult challenges, and has been lending support to promote and encourage changes in the right direction.

President Jay Somerville dove in to learn as much as possible about environmental responsibility. With new knowledge about energy efficiency, and the quality of air we breathe in our homes, Webacom started going green.
The passing of green knowledge to both new and existing customers led to two realtors becoming “green realtors”, several home builders getting certified Built Green™, an international scuba diving community called “Scuble” helping protect coral reefs and a number of alternative energy and green companies.

Webacom also made the conscious effort to take on the expenses in order to provide energy saving alternatives to their client hosting servers.


While you may think you’re promoting eco responsibility throughout your company or organization, have you checked with your website host about whether they’re upgrading to a clean system?

The average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV. Multiply the carbon emissions by the thousands of websites they host, and you’ll quickly see how much they honestly care about your environment if they can’t offer and provide green hosting servers as an alternative.

It’s not really the average user’s fault however, not all hosting services go out of their way in making an environmentally friendly service available. There’s an abundance of bargain basement hosts who actually prefer to take the cheapest route, and count on their clients not asking (or caring about) whether their website can be stored on an eco efficient server.

As so many of our own clients have decided to help the environment by transferring their sites to our wind powered servers, we’ve decided they deserve special applause and appreciation. We’re building a special Green Powered spotlight section to showcase the wonderful example of eco awareness, and we hope you’ll share and support their enthusiasm by checking out their sites.

You’ll spot our supporters quickly just by looking for the new Webacom ‘Wind Powered’ logo on those who wish to proudly display their environmental consciousness, and hosting on our green servers. If you’re eco enthusiasts like we are, please help encourage their participation the next time you’re shopping around for your next product or services.

Let’s all help make every day an Earth Day!


We’re proud of our eco-friendly goals, and wish to encourage all local businesses to consider joining and participating in Green habits whenever possible.  We already have hundreds of clients who have happily made the shift to a wind powered server, and we’ll be featuring and spotlighting their sites in the very near future.


SPECIAL OFFER UNTIL MAY 31 ’09 — As a special incentive for businesses, organizations, and individuals wishing to do their part in making every day ‘Earth Day’, we’ve decided to kick things off with a limited offer special of Two Years Hosting for the Price of One when you switch hosting your site on one of our wind powered green servers.
Do you or your company know of somebody who has been thinking about making the move to a wind powered green server?  Then let us know and we’ll also donate 10% to a nonprofit green organization of your choice when they opt for a Webacom wind powered hosting account.