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Website Consulting

Do you have an existing website that is under performing and you’re not sure why?

Are you frustrated that you can’t find your products or services on Search Engines?

Have you used A/B testing on website pages to analyze your website visitor’s activities?

Do you use Google Analytics?

Are you opening a new business and/or developing a new website and aren’t sure what the best website platform should be?

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Google Mobile Algorithm Update April 21/2015

Update – 29/4/2015:

This is an update about the recent Google mobile algorithm. Millions of web masters and business owners braced for what some are calling the largest change to Google’s algorithm in the past ten years, however all was speculation and there was no significant change, yet. Yes, the text “mobile-friendly” started showing up in mobile search but

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DIY (Do it yourself) Websites for Small Business


Hello, my name is Jay Somerville, I’m an expert Web, Marketing and Social Media consultant with 20 years of experience.

Today I’m writing about one of the fastest growing segments in web technology and that is DIY websites for small business.

Please read the rest of this article and at the end decide if you’re harming or helping your business.


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