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What Is A QR Code And Why Do You Need One?

Please use our free QR Code Generator service that allows you to create your own QR Codes for your various marketing and communication requirements. The QR code is a type of symbology developed by DENSO WAVE it’s a two dimensional code that carries readable information. Comparing with traditional bar code which can only carry information in horizontal direction, the QR code has a larger capability to store information, even up to hundred times of the amount of data that can be carried by traditional bar codes. The DENSO WAVE describes its purpose of creating the new symbology as to provide a “Code read easily for the reader”.

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Words of the Web – Good Copy Sells

Well written content is important if you want to make the right impression with your customers. It's also often overlooked by site designers who walk away from a job when the graphics and navigation are done, leaving you to write the content yourself. Great writing requires an understanding of your industry and your demographic, as well as the ability to use compelling language that keeps visitors reading.

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Is Your Website Bringing You New Business?

If not, something is wrong. One of the largest reasons people use the web is to research products or services before they purchase. Will they find your site in the top 20? Most people don't go past the second page of Google searching for results, so if you're not in the top 20 - chances are you won't be found.

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