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Is Your Website Bringing You New Business?

If not, something is wrong. One of the largest reasons people use the web is to research products or services before they purchase. Will they find your site in the top 20? Most people don't go past the second page of Google searching for results, so if you're not in the top 20 - chances are you won't be found.

What do your Customers react to Online?

You Have Less Than Eight Seconds to Capture the Attention of Your Prospect, can you afford to lose them? Studies show that consumers are more likely to do business on a professionally designed website... Web 2.0 is the new standard and your prospects are now more educated and more impatient. Web 2.0 is all about providing useful content when the client wants it and in as few clicks as possible.

Why Video is Important to Today’s Marketing Efforts?

At one time, Search Engines used to divide their content into groups of Video, Blogs, News, Maps and Images - serving those alongside standard search results. Now, Google and many other search engines now display what we call universal search results. These results are a hybrid of maps, images, videos, books and standard web page listings.