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Stopping Spam Email

To make it simple for potential clients to contact you, you'll want an email address visible on your site. While this does create a channel for customer contact, it also opens you up to attacks from spammers and bots. A bot is an automated program design to carry out certain tasks. Spammers use them to crawl the web and gather email addresses for their lists. Luckily, there's hope for the small business webmaster - a process called email obfuscation can limit the amount of spam messages you receive in your inbox, cutting back on bandwidth and saving you valuable time.

Are you Socially Active?

Social Media Marketing is the hottest new way to promote your business and interact with your clients and prospects. With a targeted Social Media Marketing campaign, you can: Drive traffic to your website Expand your network of contacts and leads Monitor what others are saying about your business and your brand

Consumers: Who Wears the Pants?

Not too long ago, marketing seemed to be a fairly straightforward concept. For the most part, marketing as a science stayed the same; the basic terms applied, the same mediums for advertising existed. Over a decade ago the Internet revolutionized marketing and turned it into the multi-faceted monster that we know today. Understanding and being able to work with “new media marketing” is crucial if you want to succeed in business today.