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Social Media – Facebook Website Marketing

Recognized Household & Corporate Brand Names The brand names are immediately recognizable and known, and have extensive marketing. These are the companies which are already very familiar to the public audience, and already have an established reputation. They use Facebook as an additional tool, not as the main online source to get their branding known.

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Social Media – Determining Facebook Marketing Factors

Social Media – Determining Facebook Marketing Factors So if everyone says you need your own company Facebook page, why shouldn’t you rush out to make sure you get your share of the website traffic promise land? Well, it wouldn’t really hurt to have your branding on the Facebook social network; however there are a lot

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Maximize Business Opportunities with Google Products

Google Analytics Google’s Analytics tool is free, easy to install, and provides a wealth of knowledge about visitors to your website. The snapshot views and graphs make it easy to understand visitor behaviour. You can also export reports and set goals to measure ROI for a particular path through your website. The Google Analytics program

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Stopping Spam Email

A Guide to Email Obfuscation There are different types of obfuscation, some more difficult to execute than others.  Javascript obfuscation methods work especially well, but require a certain amount of knowledge in creating and implementing Javascript.  We’ll focus on the simplest method which involves converting the characters in your email address to ASCII characters.  The

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Are you Socially Active?

Are you Socially Active? Brand any of the top social media platforms for your business – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin or Social Media brand of your choice for only $299 each. Want to know more about how to maintain and maximize your Social Media exposure? Contact one of Webacom’s Social Media Specialists for a

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Consumers: Who Wears the Pants?

Consumers: Who Wears the Pants? In this article, we’ll take a look at how Web 2.0 has changed some basic marketing definitions, and how they are implemented in today’s business strategies. There are two basic and broad subjects when it comes to a marketing strategy, termed push and pull. The definition of push marketing has

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