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Social Media – Facebook Website Marketing

Determining Whether Facebook Suits Your Niche Market So who exactly should be using Facebook to promote their company, products, and services? While there really isn’t a wrong answer, there are some company considerations which can result in better responses than others.

Social Media – Determining Facebook Marketing Factors

You see and hear it everywhere: “If you have a business, you need to be on Facebook!” Social bookmarking has become a strong and important part of online marketing. The ‘Experts’ tout how the sheer number of users of these popular social systems will not only draw in huge traffic statistics to your site, but will also bode well for high search engine rankings.

Maximize Business Opportunities with Google Products

Google Unleashed Google has literally dozens of ways for you to market and manage your web property as well as great places to get advice and 'insider' knowledge. This tutorial explores some of the many tools and tips to understand how Google can help you gain a competitive advantage.